The Wall Penetration of Shots

You thought you were safe behind a wall, when suddenly an opposing shot came out and hit you in the head. No luck, your opponents know how to use the wall penetration of shots to their advantage. In this guide, we will explain how penetration of shots works in Valorant.

What shots go through walls?

In Valorant, it's possible to shoot through walls to reach a target that you can't even see. The power of your shots through obstacles depends on the material of the obstacle as well as your weapon.

All Valorant weapons have a hidden statistic regardind their penetration power. A weapon with 0 penetration can't shoot through a wall. The more a weapon has a high penetration statistic, the more easily its shots will pass a surface.

As you probably already know it, all weapons lose power depending on the distance the bullet travels before hitting its target. The power you lose is very much accentuated by the obstacles that are crossed. If the power of a shot drops to zero, the bullet disappears.

It goes without saying that the penetration rate very much depends on the calibre used. A weapon like the Operator can pass through up to 4 stone walls and remain dangerous on impact. Machine pistols like the Frenzy will be much hard to make pass through surfaces.

The nature of the obstacle is also an important thing to consider. Shooting through a wooden crate doesn't reduce much the power of your shots. Shooting through a stone wall moderately reduces their power, but shooting in a metal door greatly reduces their power.

The power of your shots is therefore calculated based on the base damage of the weapon, the distance travelled, the penetration rate of your weapon, the resistance of the obstacle and the distance travelled through the obstacle. It's a clever calculation of which it isn't necessary to know the exact values. By dint of trying to shoot through walls and obstacles with different weapons, you will instinctively know the damage you can do or not.

How to know if a shot passes through an obstacle?

In the end, isn't the most important question to ask yourself: is my bullet passing through this obstacle?

When you shoot a wall, if the impact creates a yellow impact, sparks and debris coming out from the obstacle, it's that the bullet couldn't pass through it. You should also hear a small tinkle symbolising the bouncing of the bullet. If the shot seems to go through the wall without any particular light effect or sound effect, it's because the shot went right through the wall.

To know more precisely if your shot has penetrated the surface, you can trust the impact it left. If you notice a large black hole, it means that the bullet has crossed the obstacle, losing very little of its original power. If the hole is thinner and grey, the bullet has passed through but has lost some of its power along the way. If you only see cracks like a spider's web, the bullet has not passed through.

How to put bullet penetration into practice?

Now that you know how shot penetration works, you should see the environment around you in a different way.

The surfaces of the different maps are not there to look pretty. If the type of ground is to be taken into account to manage the noise against your opponents, the type of walls tells you where you can feel safe, or not.

You may also notice that the developers of Valorant took pleasure in putting a few metal plates in certain places, which creates sure obstacles behind which you can hide safely. This is the case with the Radianite crates found on most sites, which have both vulnerable and fragile surfaces, but also armoured surfaces. You will therefore be able to shelter more effectively by taking these parameters into account.

Where it all gets interesting is that knowing this, you can also deduce where your opponents may be hiding. You will then be able to better preshotthem, or even make a wallbang (a kill by shooting through a wall)

In combat, and especially in a duel, don't stop shooting when an opponent hides behind a box or passes behind a wall. Continue to empty your magazine while following their movement. You will regularly get kills by eliminating them thanks to the penetration of your bullets.