The Perspective Advantage on Valorant

You may have already been killed at the corner of a wall while you couldn't see your opponent. It's something infuriating, which can sometimes make you suspect lags or even cheating. And yet, that's not the case, it's probably a Perspective Advantage.

In this guide, we're going to talk about mathematics, and more specifically geometry (I swear it will be fine) to explain the Perspective Advantage in Valorant and how this principle can help you improve.

What is the Perspective Advantage?

The Perspective Advantage is a principle found in all multiplayer FPS. It is a natural advantage which results from the difference between the position of a player's camera (located on the head) and the width of the character, especially his arms and shoulders.

It works more or less on the same principle as one-ways, but on a horizontal plane rather than a vertical one.

Technically, if two players stand near a wall, the player furthest from the wall will be able to see the other player first. This principle is easily summed up in one image:

Perspective Advantage Schema
Perspective Advantage Schema

In this example, the red player can see the shoulder of the green player. The latter can't see the red player. By admitting that the two players remain stationary at these positions, the red player can kill the green player without fearing reprisals.

Concrete use of the Perspective Advantage

Of course, cases where neither player moves are quite rare. In practice, assuming that the green player is about to go around the wall, he should be able to respond and attack the red player, but the red player will have a advantage of fractions of a second. This is called perspective advantage.

When you're moving or positioning yourself, it's important to always keep this principle in mind. In Valorant, it tends to favour defenders. They can naturally monitor sites entrances while standing far away, while the attackers will have to pass a corner of a wall or a cramped corridor with no recoil. This advantage for defenders is greatly amplified by the use of an Operator or any other sniper rifle.

The Perspective Advantage in Defence
Perspective Advantage on Haven Site C

On the other hand, if an attacker succeeds in crossing this first line and an opponent is still hiding behind a box, they are the one who takes the advantage. The use of smoke bombs generally cancels the defender's initial advantage to allow the attacker to reduce the distance to their opponent and return the advantage.

The Perspective Advantage in Defence
When an Attacker entered Haven Site C

How to play with Perspective Advantage?

The Perspective Advantage should always condition the way you move around the map. It is imperative to always keep in mind the space between you and an obstacle in relation to the space behind the obstacle. If there is less space on your side of the obstacle, you do not have the advantage.

The best way to reduce the advantage of an opponent in this kind of situation is to get over an obstacle as quickly as possible. If you absolutely have to go somewhere (which will often be the case if you're attacking), don't make the mistake of slowly going around a corner of the wall, as you will give the defenders more time to see and shoot you in the shoulders.

On the other hand, when you have this advantageIt is more efficient to move slowly around the obstacle in case an enemy is hiding on the other side.

The Perspective Advantage in Dueling
The Perspective Advantage in Duel around a corner

In the case of a duel around a corner, getting as far away from the corner as possible also gives you an advantage. Although it is very low, it is not negligible and will sometimes help you win fights. The better your reflexes, the better the advantage in this case.

The Perspective Advantage theoretically makes it possible to counter all attempts at ambush from campers in corridors. From the moment you pay attention and gradually get around obstacles, you will necessary see your opponent before they can see you. As long as they don't suspect your presence, it's ultimately them who find themself trapped.

The Perspective Advantage in case of a trap
The green player will see the red player first if they're careful.

The perspective advantage will not make you win games by its own, or even your fights. It's simply, as the name suggests, an advantage, however small. The most talented players know how to put all the advantages on their side and this advantage is especially exacerbated by the difference in reflexes and precision. Try to keep this in mind in your manoeuvrers.

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