Movements, Strafe and Counter-strafe in Valorant

If you want to improve in Valorant, you absolutely have to learn how to move around properly. As you may have noticed, your weapons are much less precise if you fire wihile moving. We are going to talk about the strafe/counter-strafe, an essential technique to progress that is almost as important as the aim.


First of all, what is strafing? It’s simply the fact of moving sideways (without moving forward or backward) with your Q and E keys or with left and right arrows depending on how you play. It’s a basic movement in Valorant as in every FPS, but some game changing subtleties come out of it.

Strafe and Contre-strafe

As explained in the introduction, your weapons are much less precise when you move. An easy to see phenomenon thanks to the dynamic crosshair which will widen when you run and return to its original shape when you stand still. However, stopping in Valorant is not instantaneous when you release your moving key. You will then shoot imprecisely too early or lose precious moments before shooting. This is where the counter-strafe comes in.

Let’s assume that you are playing with the WASD keys. If you press D to move sideways to the right then release, it will take a short time for you to stop. On the other hand, if you briefly press the A key to go to the opposite, your character will stop instantly. You will be able to shoot precisely much faster, which will make a huge difference in your gameplay.

Moving all the time and varying the pace

A stationary target is extremely easy to hit. Now you’ve mastered the strafe/counter-strafe technique, be sure to move sideways continiously during a firefight to be more difficult to reach while remaining precise.

Also remember to vary the pace and the amplitude of your strafes not to be too predictable for the opponent who would then preshot you.

Small additional tip: with a good counter-strafe, you can do a small peek to force the opposing sniper to shoot, then pick more widely to punish him.

Once all of this mastered, it’s time to practise on your crosshair placement and your aim!