Improve in Valorant

Valorant is a competitive shooter. Like every FPS, it requires a little learning and a lot of training and rigor to climb the highest level. Although the game is new, it is very easy to identify the mandatory techniques and the different ways to train, given its proximity to Counter-Strike and other titles of the genre. Valorant also has some specificities which is better to know from the beginning. We’re going to help you get started on a healthy foundation and progress quickly.

Note that even if you don’t have the game yet, it’s possible to start practicing on many of the points listed in these articles. We will put a tip for people in this situation at the end of each part.

First step: Learn the game

It may seem obvious, but knowing the game at the back of your hand is mandatory. Of course, it is possible to learn it passively by playing a lot of games successively, but with a little method, you will progress much faster.

To do so, start playing all agents, whether you like their playstyle or not. It is only after a few games with each one that you will master them enough to know how to play against or with them correctly. Read their spells in detail, use them excessively, learn their timings and their possible cooldowns.

The same goes for weapons. As every player, you will have your affinities and you will naturally identify the most effective weapons. Take the time to play them all several times to get to know them well. Don’t be fooled by your experience with other FPS, you will surely be surprised by weapons with unexpected efficiency.

Accordingly: be the ideal target and agree to take every spell thrown by enemies. It will surely result in a few crushing defeats at first, but it’s also the best way to learn the game and each agent’s specificity quickly. The better you know the different spells, the better you will be able to bypass or counter them. A few defeats at the start of your adventure are of no importance. You will take revenge in ranked games or at LAN parties a little later…

Finally, learn the maps inside out!

"Yeah, but I don't have the game". Nothing beats a real game, but in the meantime you'll find on all the resources you need to make sure you don't fall too far behind: a video tour of the maps, a presentation of the characters and their skills, state alterations...

Second step: The technique

Once basics of the game mastered, you will need to improve your technique. Below, find several articles on the essential techniques to reach a good level in Valorant:

"Yeah, but I don't have the game". It's not that bad! We advise you to install CS:GO if you don't already have it. It is without a doubt the most similar shooting game to Valorant, with a similar pace, movement speed, mechanics and weapons. Of course the games are not exactly the same and each one has its own specificities, but practicing the different points mentioned above on CS will be very efficient while waiting to get your access to Valorant.

Once you have the game, you can go further with:

Third step: self-criticism, analysis and inspiration

By applying the previous tips, you should make quick progress in Valorant. Then will come a more stable period, with a slower evolution and a more difficult stage to overcome.

It’s time for you to record your games! Try to watch two or three of your games each week to analyze your mistakes, opponents’ timings, your position compared to your teammates’, the eco management, your tempo/aggressivity regarding the game’s rhythm… This analysis, with a little self-criticism will reaveal your weaknesses and allow you to reach the next level. If it can be tempting to review your best games from time to time, it is the less successful ones that will make you progress the most.

“Ok well, but how do I record my games?”. Nothing’s simpler! You just have to check our tutorial on how to record and stream Valorant.

Besides watching your own games, we also advise you to watch streams as regularly as possible. Taking inspiration from other players, at the same level or even better than you will also allow you to progress and learn new techniques and ways of playing.

Fourth step: play in team

Most of the previous tips will help you improve your individual skill. However, Valorant is a team game. If it possible to shine, you will very rarely win on your own. On the other hand, it is as a team that the game reveals its full potential and turns out to be the most pleasant.

So find some mates with whom you can practise teamplay as quickly as possible.

Also, as a team, remember to watch your records to identify your mistakes.

Fifth step: Competition

As in every game, it's entirely possible to launch games for fun and without ambition. But let’s not fool ourselves, Valorant is, in essence, a competitive game, designed for esport.

Get started in ranked games, online tournament and especially LAN parties when you have the opportunity. These competitive environments will force your concentration and provide the dose of adrenaline you need to push your limits. A LAN party weekend will generally make you improve more than whole weeks of playing.

Be careful not to fall into the trap of ranked games though: launch them ONLY when you are mentally ready. They will have a harmful effect on your mindset and your ranking if you launch them systematically, without warming up or even when you have a bad day.