How Valorant ranking works

The current operation of Valorant ranked games is quite criticised by the players. There's a real lack of transparency in how the ranks evolve. Players move quickly from rank to rank with little arrows at the end of a game as the only indication of their performance.

Riot Games recently confirmed that the current system isn't good, but that they can't change it at this time. While waiting to see the situation evolve, the french Twitter account of Riot Games' support came to clarify the current functioning of the ranks.

In a simple but effective table, we discover the conditions that allow to progress or regress in the ranking. If it still doesn't offer numerical values (like LP), it explains the evolution of the rank according to the result of the game.

Valorant: Progression in ranked games
Valorant: Progression in ranked games

We can see from this table that there are 4 positive scenarios, for only 2 negative. But there are two interesting points to note:

  • it's possible to progress despite a defeat.
  • the rank loss is always the same.

This means that it's technically much easier to go up than to go down. Assuming that you have a 50% win rate, you will continue progressing the leader board. So don't feel too bad about losing, the loss will be soon compensated for if you're good enough.

So yes, it's not a panacea, but at least we're no longer in the dark.