How to use Agents abilities well

The reason why VALORANT stands out from other tactical FPS is undoubtedly its Agents and their abilities. They introduce new gameplay possibilities unprecedented in the genre, in addition to opening new strategic horizons. We’ll explain how to get the most out of your abilities during a game.

What are the abilities?

Each Agent has 4 unique abilities that they’re the only one to have. This abilities set is called a kit. These are tools or powers that act like spells in a MOBA or a Hero Shooter. Among these 4 abilities, there are 2 buyable abilities, 1 signature ability and 1 ultimate ability.

Each Agent has 4 skills of its own.
Example of skills - Agent Raze

The buyable abilities are abilities that must be purchased at the beginning of the rounds to be used. Their use is limited by this purchase and credit system which will force you to manage your economy.

The Signature ability of an Agent is an ability available for free at the beginning of each round. When used, the Agent may regain a use under certain conditions. For some, like Raze, you have to kill enemies to recover it. For others like Sage, there’s simply a cooldown period before a new possible use.

The Ultimate ability is the best ability of an Agent. It can only be used after earning a certain number of points. You earn a point each time you kill an ally or pick up black orbs spread across the maps. The Ultimate abillity is generally able to turn the tables of a game if it’s used correctly.

It is essential for any Valorant player to know the skills of all Agents available in the game. You need to know what your allies and especially your opponents are capable of, otherwise you will be surprised all the time. We therefore recommend that you first familiarise yourself with the skills by consulting our Agents database.

If necessary, you can create a custom game to try out the different skills and practice using them. You can even activate a cheat mode to take advantage of the unlimited skills.

How to use abilities at best

The first thing to realise about the abilities of an Agent is that they’re not truly independent of each other. Abilities are conceived to have synergy when used together. Often, they even define how an Agent should be played and their role within a team. When studying a character’s abilities, try to see how they complement each other.

In Jett’s case for example, her abilities give her an exceptional horizontal and vertical mobility. Her ability Cloudburst creates a cloud of smoke for a very short time, but enough to move when an opponent has spotted you.

This doesn’t mean that you have to use your abilities all at once. It’s up to you to estimate in each situation which skills are best suited at the moment.

Don’t hesitate to use your abilities

Because you have to pay for abilities and because they’re limited, many players are afraid to use them. They feel like they could waste their uses if they don’t wait for the optimal time. It’s a very common beginner's mistake that you have to get rid of quickly.

In Valorant, you will inevitably die during the different games. Keep in mind that any skills you don't use will actually be wasted.

It's better to use your abilities early in the game, before you get killed and are therefore unable to use them anyway, even if you feel the chances of success are not very high. Be careful, we're not telling you to use them absolutely all the time and under any circumstances, but launch them as soon as you think they're useful.

It’s a flaw that we also see a lot with Ultimates. It doesn’t matter if you don’t kill 4 enemies at once with an Ultimate ability. Killing a single player is more than enough to make the skill profitable. Likewise, you shouldn’t hesitate to use the ultimate support abilities, even if the conditions are not optimal.

By refusing to use your ultimate ability, you’ll often waste Ultimate points that would’ve allowed you to get a second use. It’s estimated that a Valorant player must use at least 2 times their ultimate ability per side of the map.