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How to manage your crosshair on Valorant

When you’re looking to improve in a FPS, you automatically think of the aim. However, although aim is important, it's not the only criterion. It’s impossible to perform in Valorant and most FPS without a good crosshair placement.

The "crosshair placement" is simply your ability to always position your crosshair at the right place. No matter your talent or your reflexes, it will always take you longer to reach your target if your crosshair is badly placed at the beginning of the action. With a good knowledge of the maps, by taking care of your peeks and by placing your crosshair at the level of the head, you will considerably increase your in-game efficiency. 

On the other hand, it’s impossible to be on top form every day and every game. Some days your reflexes won’t be as good as others. It's also in these moments that your crosshair placement becomes important, because it will allow you to stay correct, even on bad days.

Always aim at the head

First reflex to have if you don’t already have it: always place your crosshair at head level. After a few hours, by paying attention, you will naturally be able to position it at the right height, which will greatly reduce the movements needed to make a headshot.

Take care of your peeks

Second priority: take care of your peeks. Too many players tend to shift sideways (strafe) directly on a specific point, where the opponents are usually. However, if the opponent positions themself a little ahead, further, or at any less common position, you will be surprised, your crosshair won’t be in the right place and you will lose the advantage. To solve this problem, you must get into the habit of marrying the curves of the map with your crosshair and avoiding excessively rough peeks. Your peeks must be done gradually, looking at every little area where an enemy could be waiting for you. Let us show you this in pictures!

With this technique, you will almost never be surprised by an opponent at an improbable position. Nonetheless, this should not prevent you from preshooting when you have enough information to do so without risk. 

Know the maps by heart

In order to put the previous points into practice, knowing the maps by heart is essential. If you don’t have access to the game yet, we invite you to visit our map section, to have a great video tour!