Exercises to improve your Aim in Valorant

It’s all players' objective: to be quick and precise. While the aim is mandatory in Valorant and any other FPS, most of the players tend to underestimate its importance.

Before reading this guide, we invite you to consult our articles on crosshair placement and learn how to move correctly.

There are many ways to work on your aim and Valorant has an absolutely great tool, directly integrated in the basic game: the shooting range.

Let's go!

Press F3 and setup the game as follows:

  • Bots: Strafe or no (vary modes during your training)
  • Bots Armor: Off
  • Infinite Ammo: On

Then pick up a Ghost, Vandal or Phantom, all three are ideal for this type of exercise and fire “START”. Sessions of 15 to 20 minutes each day will make you progress very quickly.

Aiming with the mouse... but not only!

Important: your aim depends on your ability to aim with your mouse, but also on your movements. You aim as much with your mouse as with your keyboard! Too many players train without moving and don’t realize that this will not make them progress in the game. In a Valorant game, you are never standing still, which would make aiming much more difficult and make you a very easy target. Therefore, it is essential to train properly using the strafe/counter-strafe technique.

A step-by-step training

Note that the priority is to work on your precision, so no need to start at the hard speed. Once your level of accuracy is correct at easy speed, gradually increase it to also train your reflexes. If you start from 0 or almost, spend a few days at easy speed then medium speed before attacking the hard mode. There is not point in firing very fast but missing your target. In FPS, it’s all about muscle memory; wanting to skip these steps could cause you to get into very bad habits that are difficult for your body to forget.

Management of the setback is essential

When you are in play, say, Vandal style, it may happen that you chain the balls rather than 2 or 3 as in training. In these cases, your shooting is less accurate. In order to deal with such situations, it is useful to understand how the various weapons available work, including Dispersion during shooting which results from this. Again, there is a simple way to study the differences, accessible directly in Valorant. When you enter the "free training" mode, you can access an additional shooting area. The available target allows you to view your shot. So, if you chain the bullets on the target, the shooting pattern appears. Knowing this information will make it easier for you to consider how to 'counter' it via the mouse and keyboard movements. The bonus point of this target? You can move it to different distances to practice shooting from a distance for example; you will always have visual feedback nearby! For more details on this point, see the guide to the management of dispersion.


To go further, there are many tools as Aim Lab, Kovaak’s FPS aim trainer or Aimtastic which offer a wider variety of exercises in addition to providing you with statistics regarding your progress. However, be careful not to waste your time in counterproductive exercises. If you want to progress in Valorant, nothings beats the game itself.

During all these exercises, keep a cool head. You never shoot more than one bullet with a Ghost, two or three with a Vandal or a Phantom and you aim at the head. It’s absolutely NORMAL to miss. Don’t be fooled by videos showing an exceptional training, professional players miss too. Staying calm and focused is essential for progress. If you feel your attention loosening, take a brather rather than continuing a counterproductive training.

We hope these tips will help you get past a plateau. If there are other topics you'd like to learn more about, find all our guides to getting ahead on Valorant.