Controlling your spray (dispersal) on Valorant

Efficiency is always the best option in Valorant and nothing beats a good one-tap in the head. However, you will regularly be led to fire large bursts, or even to savagely empty your magazine on opponents.

You probably noticed it, when you make a full-auto, your gun gets carried away, loses precision and generally shoots above your target. This is called the spray, which is the dispersal of the bullets during a continuous salvo. It's very easy to learn how to control your spray and how to stay precise even when you’re emptying your magazine.

First of all, take a look at the different sprays below. It’s the bullets impact on a wall when you empty your weapon. This will give you a better understanding of their behaviour.

For a better understanding, nothing beats practice. Get in a custom game or in the practice mode, face a wall and empty your magazine. (If you don’t have the game yet, you can discover every spray in video on our weapons presentation, and thus, start to prepare!)

Once you have identified the direction of the bullets, train yourself to master your weapon. Let’s take the example of Valorant’s emblematic weapons: the Vandal and the Phantom.

Bullets go up first, then to one side, then the other. In Valorant, the second part is random. The gun will sometimes go the right and then to left, sometimes the other way around. Note that all weapons have a different spray, depending on their power and fire rate, but each one follows more or less the same pattern.

It’s almost impossible to perfectly master a full-auto while fighting, especially since it has a random part. We recommend lowering your crosshair, then slightly after, moving it a little bit to the right or the left depending on the cases. Note that the further you are from the target, the more important the spray is. You will therefore have to lower much more your crosshair with a distant target. This reflex will be more than enough for effectives fulls. If half of your magazine is not enough, it’s better to stop the spray and move before firing again.

Now you have to train will all the weapons.