The silent drop in Valorant

The sound of footsteps in the sand, metallic noises, and the sound of jumping and falling, to name but a few, in Valorant, sound is a key element that serves you as much as it betrays you. If it is not always possible to remain silent, the silent drop and the silent rope drop offer you a good way to avoid being detected in certain situations. These techniques take some practice, but they are well worth the effort! We explain what you need to know in this guide.

What is the silent drop?

Normally, no matter which character you select, when you descend from area X to area Y, your Agent will inevitably make noise from the fall. The silent drop is a technique that helps to overcome this problem. Thus, it offers you the possibility of descending from a point located at height without making a sound.

It is thus an excellent way to be discreet, while remaining mobile on a site enough to surprise your opponents. However, this trick does not work at all heights and is actually only limited to specific areas of the Valorant maps.

Without the silent drop, you make a noise when you fall on the wooden box...

Performing a silent drop

To remove any noise associated with the fall, you must reduce your MomentumYou must therefore limit your speed without coming to a complete stop. You must therefore limit your speed of movement without coming to a complete stop. To do this, there are several methodsThese depend on the situation in which you find yourself and, above all, on the elements around you:

  • Press the backspace button just before you fall,
  • Walking close to a wall just before falling,
  • Falling while holding the key to crouch.

The spots to know

In this section you will find a non-exhaustive, but interesting list of locations where you can adopt the silent drop:

Spot Silent Drop Valorant - Ascent - Heaven A

Ascent - Site A - Heaven

Use the silent drop to fall from the Heaven area onto the stone block. Choose to make quick contact with the wall.

Spot Silent Drop Valorant - Ascent - Window A

Ascent - Site A - Window

Use the silent drop to move from the ledge to the wooden box. Use the backspace key.

Spot Silent Drop Valorant - Ascent - Case site B

Ascent - Site B - Wooden Case

Use the silent drop to move from the ledge to the wooden box. Use the backspace key.

Spot Silent Drop Valorant - Fracture - Dish Platform

Fracture - Site B - Dish side

Use the silent drop to move from the Dish area to the metal box. Use the backspace key.

Spot Silent Drop Valorant - Bind - Case site B

Bind - Site B - Window

Use the silent drop to move from the window to the wooden box. Use the key to crouch.

Learn the silent rope drop

As you have probably already experienced, going down a rope in Valorant is long (very long) if you don't want to make noise. In addition, you are making particularly vulnerableYou can't really move and defend yourself properly in case of an attack.

After the silent drop, let's see now the silent rope drop. The main difference between these two tricks is that there are a string in the equation. This jumping technique allows you to descend quickly from a perch, just as quickly as if you were jumping directly from it, but with the added advantage of not making any noise.

It is extremely useful and practical in many situations and on various cards in the game. It is based on a simple to understand principle: by reducing your Momentum, you won't make a sound when hanging on to a rope. Here are the steps to follow :

  • Face the rope and move towards the ledge,
  • Drop down as close to the rope as possible,
  • As soon as your feet are no longer touching the platform, quickly press your key to move backwards,

Make sure you don't hold it down, otherwise you risk going back up once you are connected. This may not be the original intention.

  • Press your key to attach yourself to the rope, while holding down the one to walk silently. For this step you should wait until you are almost at ground level.
  • With the run button still pressed, quickly detach yourself and head in the desired direction.
1 - Silent and slow descent / 2 - Fast and noisy descent / 3 - Use of the Silent Rope Drop

First practice without moving the mouse, so that your character always looks forward. After a few tries, you can start to keep your agent running at the same time as you manage the other steps. This way you can get back on track more quickly once you are on the ground, but also keep a better eye on your surroundings.

On the other hand, in some locations, the silent rope drop can provide a good way to get down from a height without being spotted, even if you don't have direct access to the rope. However, it will probably take you a few attempts to get used to the mechanics. The aim is always the same, to reduce your momentum when tying off.

Bonus - The silent jump on a rope

In this paragraph we propose a rather practical bonus, even if very situational, as it is only used on horizontal ropes. It is therefore a technique to be used mainly on Icebox. We will discuss silent jump on a suspended rope. The principle is similar to that of the silent rope drop, you must reduce your Momentum to a minimum before attaching yourself to the rope. Here are the steps to follow to connect yourself discreetly:

  • Face the rope and walk to the edge of the platform,
  • Jump and instantly press your key to go back,
  • Press and hold your walk button,
  • Hold on to the rope, always with the walk button pressed down,
  • Move along the rope with the arrow keys. Again, you must maintain silence with the walk key.

The fact of look directly at the rope The use of a rope allows you to learn how to do this jump faster and easier, but it is not an absolute necessity. In fact, it is even possible to perform this kind of move without having the rope in front of you.

It's a bit more complex, but the general idea remains the same. It's all about Momentum. So you need to reduce your initial momentumPress the key opposite to the direction of your character. Press D if your character has a momentum that directs him or her to the left, and A if not.

When you are consistent enough in tying yourself up quietly, you can also practice to do the jump without making a sound. The aim is to give no information about your position. To do this, quickly press your walking key from the moment you left the platform. It's a little tricky, so take your time, you'll get there eventually.