Practice with the cheat mode

When you want to practise an Agent, and a particular skill, it can be handy to keep trying without having to wait until the next round to get your spell. But how do you get that skill over and over again? That's what cheat mode is all about. In this guide, we explain how to activate it and what you can change.

How to activate the cheat mode?

Since it allows cheating, this mode is obviously only available in personalized part. When you create the game, click on Options > Allow cheat codes. That's all there is to it!

The cheat mode can only be activated in the customised part.

What are the cheat mode options?

There are various features that can be activated through the cheat mode. To do this, you must start the game. Then press Escape and go to the Cheat.

The cheat mode allows you to change three main aspects The game itself, the game and finally the player.

You must launch the custom game to activate the cheat options.

Unlimited everything?

You are probably more interested in the options available in the Game. This is where you can choose to activate the Unlimited skills. This modification affects all spells, even the ultimate ones. Activate it if you want to practice on lineups.

If you want to train with a particular weapon, you can set both options Unlimited ammunition and Unlimited chargers to Yes. In addition, you can activate Ignore purchasing restrictions. This means that you can buy new weapons even after the purchase phase.

Do you also want unlimited life? It's possible, because you have the option Invulnerability in the Player. This option is by no means a must, especially if you are playing solo. If you are playing with two players, however, you can activate it. This will allow you to test your spells on another agent, without them dying and you having to reroll a round again and again.

Stop time!

The option Pause the stopwatch is also very useful. If you're looking to chain together trials for a specific lineup, such as throwing a molly with Brimstone, we recommend that you pause it. You will not be oppressed by time, and you will be more concentrated to succeed in mastering your lineup. However, wait until the end of the purchase phase to deactivate it, so that you don't keep the Purchase Phase banner in the middle of the screen.

Walk without obstacles

Concerning Ghost Mode. This mode gives you the ability to "walk through walls", i.e. you are able to pass through walls, ceilings and floors. This can be very useful when looking for new ways to cast your spells. For example, if you throw a Sova arrow, you can easily follow it to its point of impact, and correct the trajectory on the next try if necessary.

The wall pass can be useful when looking for new lineups.

Moreover, in this state you are free to move around the map. If you look around a bit, you can find out the various easter eggs left behind by the developers.

Thanks to the ghost mode, you can find a multitude of easter eggs throughout the maps.

Now that you have all the information you need to be able to use the skills over and over again, all you have to do is practice! Are you looking for lineups for the different agents? If so, please refer to our skillshots tool. This cheat mode is also a good way to have fun, with totally crazy custom games: why not try a 5 vs 5, with all the skills unlimited?