The Outlaw, the new sniper from Valorant

For the first time since the release of Valorant, Riot Games has decided to add a new weapon. The debut of Episode 8 marks the entrance a new sniper double blow, entitled Outlaw. While we already had a first glimpse of its shape, we still had no information about how it works. The studio put an end to the vagueness surrounding this gun during a live presentation.

Comparison between the Outlaw, the Marshal and the Operator

Until now, in the sniper category, we had the Marshal, a light, fast and inexpensive rifle, and the Operator, a heavy, very slow and expensive rifle. With the Outlaw, the developers wanted to offer a real in-between. Like the Marshal and Operator, this new rifle is a semi-automatic weapon. Nevertheless, it has its own distinctive features that set it apart from the other two snipers.

Marshal in Valorant


  • Head: 202 / Body: 101 / Legs: 85
  • Rapid fire: 1.5 bullets/s
  • 5 bullets in the magazine
  • Reload speed: 2.5s
  • Set-up speed: 1.25s
  • 1 zoom level
  • Precise without a telescope
  • Average penetration
  • 850 credits
Outlaw in Valorant


  • Head: 238 / Body: 140 / Legs: 119
  • Rapid fire: 2.75 bullets/s
  • 2 bullets in the magazine
  • Reload speed: 3.8s
  • Set-up speed: 1.25s
  • 1 zoom level
  • Not very accurate without a scope
  • High penetration
  • 2400 credits
Operator in Valorant


  • Head: 255 / Body: 150 / Legs: 120
  • Slow fire: 0.6 bullets/s
  • 5 bullets in the magazine
  • Reload speed: 3.7s
  • Set-up speed: 1.5s
  • 2 zoom levels
  • Not accurate without a scope
  • High penetration
  • 4700 credits

Starting with the fact that it is a double-barrelled shotgun. The charger includes two bulletsthat you can pull them in successionThe Outlaw's speed of fire is superior to that of the Marshal. The Outlaw's rate of fire is superior to that of the Marshal, 2.75 bales/s compared with 1.5 bales/s.

Note that you can fire one shot and then reload, or fire both shots and then reload. This may not seem like a big deal, but the choice will sometimes be decisive, since reload time is longer after two shots. This takes it to 3.8 seconds, 0.1 seconds faster than the Operator.

As with all the weapons in the game, you won't be able to reload the Outlaw indefinitely. What's more, you'll need to use your ammunition with care, as there's only so much of it to go around. only 12 bullets in total. For comparison, there are 15 bullets in the Operator and 20 in the Marshall. That's the downside of this fast, effective and painful weapon!

Because yes, the Outlaw does some serious damage. Any shot to the head inflicts 240 damageIt's enough to take out an opponent with a big shield in a single shot. Shots to the body and legs respectively inflict 140 and 119 damage. It also 125 damage through a wall That's enough damage to take out a target with a small shield, which is not the case with the Marshal.

Now let's talk price. The Outlaw is a perfect in-between, and this is reflected in both its features and its cost. While the Marshal costs just 950 creditsand you have to pay 4700 credits to acquire the Operator, the Outlaw is offered at 2400 credits. This makes it a serious competitor to the Guardian, even if its uses are quite different.

This new weapon is available with patch 8.00which marks the start of the eighth episode of Valorant.