Everything you need to know about Valorant Spike (Timings, Fake Defuse, etc.)

The Spike is at the very heart of Valorant. We often talk about Agents, their abilities and their weapons, but we tend to forget this explosive device around which each round resolves. We tell you everything you need to know about the Spike, its timings and its use.

The Spike is Valorant’s explosive device, comparable to the Counter-Strike bomb. It nevertheless has some differences in its use and its timings.

Planting and Defusing the Spike

Planting the Spike takes 4 seconds. It’s not possible to plant the Spike in several times. If you interrupt the channel before the end of the timer, you will have to start again from zero. The Spike has to be planted before the round timer reaches 00:00, otherwise the round will be lost.

You can only plant the Spike in the delimited areas (generally in yellow) on the various sites of the map. Where the Spike is planted is very important.

  • Planting the Spike in a prominent place will allow you to easily see an opponent who will try to defuse it, but you’ll become yourself an easy target when planting it.
  • Planting the Spike in a corner reduces the field of vision and the maneuverability of an opponent. The more difficult the Spike is to access, the more you can trap your opponent.

From the moment the Spike is planted, Defenders have 45 seconds to defuse it. It takes 7.5 seconds to defuse the Spike. The time remaining to complete the Spike’s defuse is symbolised by a ring which goes up along its central column. The defuse can be done in two times 3.75 seconds. If the defuse is interrupted after 3.75 seconds, the indicator drops back to the middle of the Spike. Unlike Counter-Strike, there is no object to shorten the time it takes to defuse.

Learning the timings of the Spike

When the Spike is put down by attackers, it starts to beep. The rate of the beeps depends on the time remaining before explosion. There are 5 different beep rates. It’s very important to know each of the Spike’s states to know, during the game, whether or not you have time to secure the explosion sites before defusing.

1st Rate: The Spike has just been planted. You have 45 seconds to defuse it. The Spike is spinning.

Valorant Spike Explosion 01

2nd Rate: You only have 20 seconds left to defuse the Spike. The Spike is surrounded by a white aura.

Valorant Spike Explosion 02

3rd Rate: There is enough time to completely defuse the Spike. The Spike is surrounded by a black aura. A concentric circle appears and approaches the Spike.

Valorant Spike Explosion 03

4th Rate: There is enough time to defuse half of the Spike. The Spike is surrounded by a much larger lightening and the ground cracks black around it.

Valorant Spike Explosion 04

5th Rate: It’s too late to defuse. The beep is continuous and the Spike is about to explode. Fly, you fools!

Valorant Spike Explosion 05

When the Spike explodes, it emits a black shockwave which spreads over a large part of the map. Any player who comes into contact with this shockwave instantly dies and loses their equipment. The kills made by the Spike are to the credit of the person who planted it.

The Fake Defuse

The Fake Defuse is a strategy that forces opponents to show themselves. You can make your opponents believe that you are defusing the Spike, when you are actually ready to welcome them with your weapon. The enemy is forced to intervene as they’re in doubt, since you may well be defusing the Spike and winning the game.

To make a fake-defuse, nothing’s simpler. Interrupt the defusing channel right after starting it. The players arounds you will hear the sound of the complete defuse, and will think that your hands are busy. Be careful, unlike Counter-Strike, there is a small animation and a delay between the end of the defuse and the moment you re-equip your weapon. You will therefore be vulnerable for a moment while trying to fake-defuse.

Now you know (almost) everything about the Spike! We advise you to go to the training ranges dedicated to planting and defusing the Spike to get used to the timings as well as the visual and sound effects of this device. Once these elements are assimilated, you will instinctively know how to act during a game.