All our Valorant Guides to learn and improve

Welcome on the index of our Mandatory Valorant guides. Whether you're a beginner player or an expert, we have written a whole series of guides to help you progress in Valorant. This list of guides will evolve and enrich over time.

Valorant Introduction

Valorant : Presentation

Presentation of Valorant:
A Valorant presentation, its rules and bases.

valorant lexique

Valorant Lexicon:
A key terms lexicon you absolutely need to know to play Valorant.

Valorant : Radiant LP

Ranked Games:
A presentation of how ranked games work in Valorant.

Valorant : le Spike Rush

Spike Rush:
A presentation of the Spike Rush mode, a lighter a funnier mode than classic mode.

Playing in good conditions

Guide Valorant : Bien paramétrer Valorant

Properly setup Valorant:
We explain the optimal settings to have the best performances.

Valorant Graffiti Cible

Find your sensitivity:
A guide to help you find the perfect sensitivity for your play style.

Valorant : Les Techniques de Pro en Vidéo

Knowing Agents and Maps:
Consult Agents, Weapons and Maps presentations.

valorant guide débloquer personnages

Unlock Agents:
How to unlock Agents to fill your team compositions.

Guides avancés de tous les Agents

Master Valorant Agents
Find a guide for each Agent to learn the different strategies in Attack and Defense, and to learn how to use their abilities.

Tactics and Strategy

Valorant : Teamplay

Teamplay and Roles:
The different roles within a team that players have to adopt for an efficient strategy.

Valorant Guide : Attaque et Defense

Attack and Defend, two different play styles:
The two game phases of Valorant are played in two different ways. Adapt your play style.

Valorant Guide : Économie

The Economy in Valorant:
The Economy is really important in Valorant. Let's see how to manage it.

Guide Valorant : La Communication

Communication and Pings:
An efficient and quick communication with your team is mandatory.

Guide Valorant : Tout savoir sur le Spike

Everything about the Spike:
Learn the different timings of the Spike: timings of plant, defuse, and explose.

Valorant One Way Tuto

The One-Way:
How tu use smokes to create ultra advantageous situations.

Improve your performances

Progresser dans Valorant : Introduction

Improvement introduction:
If you need to be coached regarding the bases of the basics, this guide will teach you the essential.

Guide Valorant : le Crosshair placement

Crosshair placement
Aiming well is more a matter of rigour than reflex. This is the crosshair placement principle.

Guide Valorant : Maitriser le Spray

Master the Spray:
Your weapons are less precise when you fire. Learn to master the dispersal.

Exercice pour Améliorer son AIM sur Valorant

Exercises to improve your AIM:
A series of exercises is essential to work on your reflexes and warm-up for a match.

Guide Valorant : le Strafe et le Contre Strafe

Movements, strafe and counter-strafe:
Moving well is essential to reach opponents without losing precision.

Guide Valorant : Le Perspective Advantage

The Perspective Advantage:
A few basics in geometry will make you much more efficient in your duels.

Guide Valorant : le préshot

The Pre-shot in Valorant:
Pre-shooting in Valorant will earn you kills very often without any special effort.

Valorant : Guide sur la Pénétration des Tirs à travers les murs

Shot penetration:
You don't need to see an opponent to kill them! Your shots pass through some obstacles.

Valorant : Progresser compétences

Abilities use:
Master the purchase and the timing of the abilities will make you use them more efficiently.

Valorant : Les Sons et le Bruit

Manage the sound against your opponent:
The sound can give your position away or give precious information on your opponents'.

Guide Valorant : le peeker advantage

The Peeker Advantage:
Aggressive players have a natural advantage over their opponents.

Practical Guides

Changer son Riot ID dans Valorant

Change your Riot ID:
Do you want to change your nickname or your team tag? Let's see how.

Valorant : Gagner de l'Expérience

Gain experience quickly:
Accumulating experience will make you able to unlock Agents and rewards.

Valorant - La Communauté qu'on mérite

Valorant Battle Pass:
Discover how the Valorant Battle Pass works and its many rewards.