What is the best crosshair?

In a FPS like Valorant, it is essential to be able to shoot accurately. However, your aiming is done through your crosshair. If it is badly configured, your reticle can become an obstacle to your progress in the game. It is therefore essential to understand its role in order to modify it appropriately.

What is a good crosshair?

Before you begin any transformation of your current crosshair, it is important to understand what a good crosshair is. To be effective, the reticule must respect 2 characteristics :

  • Do not impact your visibility,
  • Be sufficiently visible in any situation and against any coloured background,

Also, the reticule must facilitate the reading of the game as much as possible. Thus, a crosshair can be easier to use than a single point. With a plus-shaped crosshair, you can imagine an enemy's head as a point on an orthonormal coordinate system, and easily estimate its position on that system. By doing so, you will be better able to shoot at the head than with a single point.

For beginners, the crosshair can also be a good tool to learn about the recoil of weapons and the accuracy of the weapon during movement. Indeed, the sight can integrate movement depending on whether the player is running, walking or if the weapon's recoil increases. However, this is not a requirement; it is even an option to be disabled when you are comfortable enough.

A bad crosshairIn the case of the latter, it may not be thick enough, the wrong colour or too big, as in this example.

Example of bad crosshair.

What options can be changed?

To change your crosshair on Valorant, simply go to the Settings > Crosshairs tab. There are two modes of modifying the crosshair: simple mode and advanced mode. To use the advanced options, check that the "Yes" box in "Use advanced options" is active. You will then have access to modify the sniper scope in particular.

To modify your viewfinder, you can activate the advanced options.

General parameters

In this guide we will focus on the crosshair modifications available in the simple mode. The game offers you to customise several general elements of the reticuleYou can also choose the colour, opacity and whether or not it has an outline or a centre point.

Whether you change one option or the other, it is important to maintain a harmony in values. As the game reminds us, use only even or only odd values If you do not, you risk moving the viewfinder elements off-centre.

You can change basic settings such as the colour or opacity of the viewfinder.

Colour and contours are two parameters useful to better perceive your viewfinder. However, it is not necessary to activate both of them. It depends on your preferences. To maximise the visibility of the crosshair, we advise you to choose a bright colour such as green or cyan or to increase the contrast with the contours if you keep the white.

You may decide to add a central point. Again, this depends entirely on your style of play. It can be useful to focus on a specific point on the screen. Some players will even go so far as to keep only that point to aim at. If you integrate it into your crosshair, be careful not to make it too thickYou may block your view and stupidly miss a head.

Interior and exterior lines

In addition, you have the possibility tomake fine modifications to the interior and exterior lines. Again, it is up to you to decide whether you want to play with these lines or not. Unless you only want a central point, we recommend that you keep the inner lines. Adjust the size and thickness of the lines to make the viewfinder work for you.

The outside lines are of real interest if you activate the Movement Error and Shooting Error options. These result in a movement of the crosshair as the dispersion of the weapon increases, in relation to your movements or the recoil of the weapon. It is best to deactivate them the movement of the reticule can distract you from the exchange of fire.

Finer modifications can be made to the interior line levels.
Finer modifications can be made to the outer line levels.

What are the most effective crosshairs?

There are almost as many different crosshairs as there are players, as they all modify it to their liking. However, the majority of reticles are just modifications of "typical" crosshairs, used by professional players in general.

In this part of the guide, we offer you configurations in which the outer lines are deactivated. It is up to you to choose the colour. The numbers in the crosshair names correspond to the opacity, length, thickness and offset of the inner line :

Crosshair 1/4/2/2 This is one of the most common reticles. It is suitable for the beginner as well as the more experienced player. The options Centre Point, Shooting and Movement Errors and Contours must be disabled.

The 4/2/2 crosshair.

Crosshair 1/3/1/2 This crosshair is similar to the first one, but will be more discreet on screen. The Centre Point, Shooting and Movement Errors and Contours options must be disabled.

The 3/1/2 crosshair.

Crosshair 1/5/2/0 : In this variant, there is no more space in the centre, so you get a perfect cross. The options Centre point and Shooting and movement errors must be disabled. As for the outlines, either leave them off or set the opacity and thickness to 1.

The 5/2/0 crosshair.

How to import / export crosshairs?

Since patch 4.05Valorant offers the possibility for players to quickly exchange their crosshair configurations thanks to the import/export system.

It is possible to import or export crosshair configurations.

To import another player's crosshair, the player must provide you with the code associated with the crosshair. It is a simple manipulation. To retrieve the code, simply click on Export a profile code (blue circle). It will then be copied to the clipboard.

To import the configuration, click on Import a profile code (green circle). A window opens and invites you to paste the code associated with the desired crosshair.

Enter the configuration code to import a viewer.

If you just want to test other players' crosshairs, while keeping your original reticule, it is possible to add other profiles. In total, you can create 10 different locations. To do this, click on the area containing your nickname. A drop-down menu will appear: select the Create a new profile option.

The crosshairs of Mandatory players

If you want to use the same crosshair as some professional players, you can test the crosshairs of HyP and Akumaaaaa. The following are their configurations and associated profile codes:

  • Crosshair from HyP - Code: 0;P;h;0;0l;3;0o;2;0a;1;0f;0;1b;0
The configuration options for HyP's crosshair.
Line configuration options for HyP crosshair.
  • Crosshair of Akumaaaaa - Code: 0;P;h;0;f;0;0l;5;0o;0;0a;1;0f;0;1b;0
Akumaaaaa Crosshair - Features 1
Akumaaaaa Crosshair - Features 2

Ultimately, the best reticle configuration is the one you are most comfortable with. The only real consistency in the vast majority of crosshairs is their bright colour. Other than that, there is no real best or perfect crosshair.