Summer training routine on Valorant

Are you very busy during the summer, don't have time to play as much as usual and don't want to lose all your level before the beginning of the new school year? That's good, because today we offer you a short training routine in order to stay in shape on Valorant even without playing 5 games a day. Good news, you don't need any third party software such as Aimlab of Aimtastic, everything is done directly in game !

First, go to the training range with the robots, staying behind the barrier at first. Repeat the ability test several times using different weapons in order to keep up with both the Sheriff and the Vandal.

Then, start killing the bots again, but this time by getting in between them. During this second stage, don't just turn around in circles and eliminate the puppets in your line of sight: this scenario almost never happens once in a game. Instead, do it by alternating between left and right, as in the GIF below. Don't forget the practice the technique of the strafe / counter-strafe while you're practising.

Summer training routine on Valorant

Finally, finish up with a game or two of Deathmatch to practice on moving targets and real maps, instead of using the drones in the training range. Again, we advise you to change weapons regularly during your games.

That's it! Practice these exercises daily and you won't have to start from scratch when you return to play after your holidays. If you have time to practice more intensively, don't hesitate to consult all our Valorant Guides to learn and progress!