When and how should Outlaw be used?

Update 8.00 from Valorant brought a new sniper rifle, christened the Outlaw. This weapon, designed as a happy medium between the Marshal and the Operator, is already shaking up the meta. To become a good player, you need to staying up to dateThat's why this guide explains when and how to use the Outlaw. And who better than Goasterthe sniper's ace, to give you some answers!

An intermediate sniper

Valorant offers players the chance to battle it out using a multitude of weaponsincluding snipers. Until now, you could buy the Marshal, a light and inexpensive weapon, but whose damage sometimes left something to be desired, or the Operator, a heavy and expensive rifle capable of killing for sure.


Marshal in Valorant
  • Head: 202 / Body: 101 / Legs: 85
  • 850 credits


Outlaw in Valorant
  • Head: 238 / Body: 140 / Legs: 119
  • 2400 credits


Operator in Valorant
  • Head: 255 / Body: 150 / Legs: 120
  • 4700 credits

There is now a third, the famous Outlaw. As we mentioned earlier, it was created to offer an intermediary between the Operator and the Marshall, both in terms of the damage it inflicts and its price. All in all, it's a particularly interesting weapon.

Before understanding how to use it properly, we invite you to discover all its features in our comparison article.

The Outlaw, the perfect weapon to counter small shields

The Outlaw is interesting on paper, yes, but what about in play? According to Goaster, the weapon is very strong and has already found its place. In fact, the Outlaw becomes almost indispensable for countering the meta small shield.

This is a strategy used when credit reserves are low, particularly at the beginning of the side. Instead of taking a big shield, players prefer to buy small to buy good weaponsPhantom and Vandal in particular. This gives them enough protection to survive any Marshal fire, and enough to defend themselves or attack effectively.

Except that with the Outlaw into the equation, this method falls by the wayside. The sniper inflicts 140 damage for each body shot - and can fire two successive bullets - enough to easily take down an enemy with a small shield (100 basic hit points and 25 points of protection). On top of that, this rifle has very good penetration, and makes no less than 125 damage, even through a box or wall. As a result, any opponent with only a small shield is vulnerable.

The small shield technique is used by both defenders and attackers. There's nothing wrong with using the Outlaw when you're attacking to counter this method. Nonetheless, it's not a bad idea to use the Outlaw when you're on Attack, it's still more difficult than in DefenceWhen you're defending, all you have to do is hold your line. As with the other snipers in the game, we recommend that you only take the Outlaw on Attack if to be really comfortable, or when you pick it up from a dead body and it performs better than your current weapon, or if you are

Omen with the outlaw from Valorant

However, the Outlaw does not replace the Operator, or even the Marshal. To know when to use one rather than the other, you need to pay attention to your opponents' credit reserves. Goaster recommends buying the Operator "when opponents have the economy to take all their skills and a big shield".while the Marshal remains sufficient "as long as they don't have enough to buy"..

A few tips

  • There's no need to buy a secondary weapon with the Outlaw, the Classic is all you need.
  • Divide up the roles in your team. One player with the Outlaw is enough.