How to get experience quickly on Valorant

Whether you're looking to complete your beginner's contract, unlock an Agent or get the Battle Pass rewards, you're going to need experience! We will see together how it all works and explain how to get experience as quickly as possible in Valorant.

How do you earn Experience?

There are no secrets, if you want to get experience, you must first play! Each Valorant game earns you a certain number of experience points depending on the game mode.

A game in Unrated mode gives you experience depending on the number of rounds played and won.

  • Each won round brings 300 experience points.
  • Each lost round brings 100 experience points.

The results of rounds is the only parameter which is taken into account regarding the gain of experience. Whether you plant the Spike, kill opponents, or perform an Ace or a Clutch Ace or Clutch doesn't matter. The system is designed so that your priority is the victory of the team, rather than your personal performance.

A game in Spike Rush mode necessarily earns you 1000 experience points. Whether you win the game or not, whether it's played in 4 or 7 rounds, the experience gain will always be the same.

Unlike many games, there's no first day win bonus in Valorant.

The Missions

Playing several games to gain experience is good. But the important thing is above all to play regularly! It's better to do 2 games every day of the week than 14 games in one day. It's with this in mind that missions were created.

The Missions in Valorant
The Missions in Valorant

Every day, between 4am and 8am, you will receive new missions to complete. The missions' objectives and the experience gains are different each time. They bring a lot of experience and tend to fill up without you even paying attention. There also are weekly missions, which are more demanding, but which bring you much more experience.

Missions will gradually earn more experience over the weeks. These values are reset at the end of each Battle Pass. A weekly mission in the first week of a Battle Pass will therefore give you less experience than a weekly mission in the last week of the Pass.

How to get experience fast in Valorant?

In theory, the quickest way is simply to win all of your games 13-0. Easy, right? In fact, if you want to get experience quickly by all means, there are two ways to do it.

Playing in Unrated mode will generally bring you more experience, but will require you to invest yourself in each of your games. Losing a round is not very profitable, if we take into account the experience gain rate per time played. Make sure you win, without giving your opponents the opportunity to win a single round, if you want to have to best gains. The advice sounds obvious, but it actually means that you don't have to stretch a game where you already won 12 rounds to 0 to gain experience with lost rounds.

If you're not very confident in your current performance, we advise you to launch games of Spike Rush. These games last about 10 minutes and bring you, whatever happens, 100 experience points.

The most important thing is to log in at least daily to get your daily quests and complete them as quickly as possible to make room for the upcoming daily quests.

You need a total of 200,000 experience points to unlock an Agent via his contract. This means that it is better to optimise your earnings and not let the missions pass you by.