How to find and change your Riot ID

Perhaps you're a long-time League of Legends players and proudly display your nickname " Best Tryndamere Kent ". Trouble is, now you play Valorant, this nickname seems rather unsuitable. Don't panic! Let's see how to change your Riot ID in Valorant.

What is Riot ID?

The Riot ID is, as the name suggests, your login to all Riot Games. It is what links your Valorant account to your League of Legends or Legends of Runeterra account. It is to be differentiated from the Login which allows you to connect to your own account.

Each Riot ID consists of two parts, the Last Name and Tagseparated by a #. When you are asked for your Riot ID, it is essential to provide both parts. The name is usually your login, while the tag is a 3 to 5 character code. (The default tag is that of the server you are playing on, in this case #EUW).

Examples of Riot ID:

  • Mandatory#MDR
  • CaptainHyp#Hype
  • ViveValorant#12345

How do I find my Riot ID?

If it was a bit tricky to find the Riot ID when Riot Games only ran League of Legends, it is now much easier to find. If you just want to know your Riot ID, you can simply launch one of Riot Games' multiplayer games (Valorant, League of Legends, Legends of Runeterra, etc.), open your friend list and move your mouse over your own profile.

Your Riot ID will then be displayed on your ID card.

How to find your Riot ID

How do I change my Riot ID?

Now that you've seen your Riot ID, maybe you don't like it and would like to improve it. Here's how to change your Riot ID:

  • Go to:
  • Log in to your Riot Games account
  • Go to the Riot ID menu
  • Click on the edit icon at the right of your ID
  • Change your nickname in the left field
  • Write your tag in the field at the right of #
  • Confirm your choice

The site will ask you to confirm your choice by entering a validation code. This code is emailed to the address linked to your Riot Games account.

Be careful, once your ID or Tag is changed,
you won't be able to change it for 365 days, unless you pay €10.

Menu to change your Riot ID

Here you are, you can now play with your new name and let everyone know which clan you belong to in game!