How to play Skye in Valorant with TheBigFiz

It is expected that Initiators that they support the taking of a site, in particular by gathering the necessary data so that his team is not caught unawares. Within the Mandatory team, it is TheBigFiz who takes on this demanding role. Of course you already know that, since you follow our games (if not, you know what you have to do)! Sova, Fade, Kayo, Breach or Skye, there is something for every style of play. If you were looking for a guide to better understand how to play SkyeYou have come to the right place.

Skye - Agents of Valorant

Mandatory: What do you like about being an Initiator?
TheBigFiz : What I like the most is that Initiators are very flexible. They offer a certain freedom to take areas and control the map. You can play slowly or more quickly. Also, I find that their utilities are often quite intuitive, which is quite nice. Finally, I would say that you can easily make an impact with an Initiator, whether it's in support of the team or on your own.

Mandatory: What do you like most about Skye?
TheBigFiz : Initially I'm more of a fan of Sova and Breach; Skye wasn't really an Agent at heart to begin with. I found her flashes too complex to place and the dog lacked vision. Despite this, through hard work, she became one of my favourite Agents. In my opinion, he is not necessarily the strongest Initiator, but the one with the most complete kit. Skye has tools for every situation. There is always something to do! You never stand still. She can be aggressive on her own, with pop-flashes, or in a team, thanks to the dog that can open a zone for the Duelist.

Mandatory: Are there any maps on which you would recommend using Skye?

TheBigFiz : Skye is incredible on Bind. In defence, she makes life so much easier. She brings a lot of control to the B-site. In my opinion, she is also very strong on Haven and Breeze. She can even be a good choice on Pearl, provided there is a second initiator. On the other handI don't find it impactful enough on Icebox and Ascent. For these, it is better to turn to other Initiators. Sova, Fade and Kayo reign supreme!

Some tips for mastering Skye

According to TheBigFiz, Skye's greatest strength lies in its ability to provide a continuous flow of information in different ways. This agent is therefore ideal for players who want to specialise as a versatile medium. Nevertheless "His versatility is also his biggest flaw. Jack of all trades, master of none. The Agent can do everything, but not as well as a Specialist Agent. With Skye, you won't take areas as easily as with Fade or dislodge an enemy as well than with Breach.

Some agents are more passive, while others are not, as in Neonare more aggressive. By selecting Skye, you benefit from an Agent who is not restricted to one role. Its kit can be used in many ways. "Thanks to the dog and the flashes, she can be passive, and, for example, suggest to her team that they rotate because she has spotted several players on a site. On the other hand, Skye can be aggressive and engage in a duel with an isolated player.

Skye's birds in Valorant

You will have understood, the Skye birds are a very important tool. When you are looking to take information through blinding, or simply reduce the vision of opponents, you need to be able to use this ability correctly. This translates into good positioning of the blast, but also excellent communication with your team. "It is essential to work on timing and to understand "where" and "when" the team needs information. Also remember to brief your teammates, to make them understand when the flash goes off and when it explodes. Also, don't hesitate to pop the flashes high up, so that they break as many sight lines as possible." When playing the higher levels of Valorant, it even becomes necessary to surprise the enemies with unusual timings or uncommon explosion areas. By doing so, you have a better chance of catching them off guard and getting free eliminations.

The birds and the dog are not free! To get the two charges and the animal in each round, you have to spend a total of 800 credits. So it's fair to ask whether you should buy them all the time or not. TheBigFiz has a pretty clear opinion on the matter "For me, it is super important to have both flashes, as well as the dog, in every round. I'm in favour of sacrificing his big shield or even the weaponry if necessary. If you don't have enough for two flashes and the dog, I would advise taking both charges in Defense, while it's better to take one flash and the dog in Attack."

SeekersSkye's ultimate skill is also frequently questioned. Since this ability requires 7 ultimate points, it must be used wisely and not be wasted. However, it is sometimes difficult to define if the right moment has come or not. In reality, it's more a question of feeling. " It is mostly used in reaction. For example, after having eliminated an opponent, it can be nice to activate it immediately. You can then dislodge any remaining players in the area or understand that there is no one left and trigger a push. It's also a good idea to use it when you're in doubt. In a 3-on-3 situation, when you run out of information, it will give you some breathing space, give you information about the position of the enemies and take away some of the stress to better pursue the round. All in all, use it whenever it can relieve your team or allow you to clutchIf you are the only survivor.

Mandatory: One last question to finish this guide: Sage's heal or Skye's?

TheBigFiz : Sage's heal every day! In my opinion, Skye's heal is too situational, as you need to have time to channel it and be close enough to your colleagues. Besides, you can't heal yourself... After that, he can heal several teammates at the same time. In the rare situations where this happens, it often carries on like crazy!