How to play Neon in Valorant? with Akumaaaaa

If you support Mandatory (if you don't, shame on you), you have certainly seen a brightly lit neon sign slaughtering his opponents in the process. This is obviously the monster Akumaaaaa ! After these displays of strength, you may have tried to play Neon in turn, but without success. As a result, you're wondering how you can improve. Look no further, in this guide, Akumaaaaa gives you a few tips on how to handle this agent.

Neon and Akumaaaaa, a beautiful story

neon artwork valorant

Mandatory: Tell us Akumaaaaa, what do you like about Neon? Did you like this agent as soon as it came out?
Akumaaaaa : What I like most about Neon is the speed it can deploy and its aggressiveness. I really like to take up space quickly in certain important areas and surprise the enemy on site. As I'm always bitter, as soon as a new agent comes out, I'm going to say it sucks, even if I haven't tested it yet. Neon was no exception to this rule. However, as I played it, I got really hooked. I quickly realised that this Agent was clearly made for me.

Mandatory: Just between us, when do you think you should be aggressive?
Akumaaaaa : All the time?! I hope my coaches don't see that answer... More seriously, it doesn't have to be all the time, it's really situational. The most common example that comes to mind involves your team being outnumbered. In this kind of case, you need to be aggressive in order to surprise your opponents and cut off a rotation. By taking the risk of making a slightly daring slide, you can totally turn the round in your favour.

Some tips for mastering the Agent

You will have understood, Neon is ideal for aggressive playerswho enjoy fast-paced play. Many Valorant agents are not played in the same way on Defence and Attack; Neon is no exception to this rule.

During the Attack phaseNeon is an effective agent for entering the site. Nevertheless, beware of rushing in without thinking. It is even more interesting to take space first and adapt your game according to the opponent's response. "My favourite way to play Neon in Attack is through assassination. The objective is to quickly take possession of very advanced zones, at the beginning of the round, without accelerating directly on site. You must try to destabilise the enemies to force them to react. Once your team has chosen the site they wish to attack, think about the spaces you can take. You will need to make it easy to insert your mates. You are the fastest agent in the game, so surprise people!" In short, you must play aggressively, but not too aggressively!

On the other handwhen you are in DefenceYou can play Neon as well passively than more aggressively. In order to attack the enemies "You'll need a good buddy who plays Breach, which will send you running into the opponents. As soon as the flash or slowdown is sent, it's up to your imagination! With this method, you can attack any area, at any time of the round. If you play this way, your objective is clear: you must do maximum damage. With the second method, you will have to be more concerned with gleaning information without losing too many hit points, while using a minimum of spells. By running and using the 'shoulder strike', you should be able to achieve your goal.

In Attack or Defence, if you choose to be very aggressive during the course of the of the first roundAkumaaaaa advises you to take a weapon that one-tapFor example, the Sheriff or the Ghost. Other weapons may also be useful depending on what you want to do. "If I feel the urge to run at my opponents, I'll go straight for my little Frenzy. The Shorty, on the other hand, is a no-go! Yuck."

example of ultimate use of Neon in Valorant

Neon has many strengths and can clearly change the course of a round in just a few seconds. When she runs ultimate in handsIt can easily swat away opponents like flies. It is more than likely that you have already found yourself in this situation, without knowing how to react. "The best counter is a clean, simple and effective one-tap. That way, you can calm her down directly. But in real life, the best thing is to slow her down as much as possible with Sage's slows or Breach's stuns."

To finish this guide, we would like to remind you that Neon is a good Solo Agent, but she will be even more powerful coupled with another character. Combining it with Breach will allow you to easily get to the flashed enemies and take them out in a row. Fade can also be a very good choice. As Akumaaaaa says so well "As soon as the prowler detects someone, hop, slide and kill him!