Guide: Master Reyna, tips, tricks and advices

Reyna is one of the Agents to unlock in Valorant. She's the embodiment of the duelist, able to eliminate anyone in one against one. On the other hand, she's much less verstaile than the others and brings very little tactical advantage. If Reyna doesn't kill at least one opponent, she is simply useless to her team.

She's therefore a risky Agent, but really rewarding. She must be picked by high performance players who excel in battle.

Before anything else, we advise you to familiarise yourself with Reyna's abilities.

Using Reyna's abilities

Reyna's abilities are very special. Three of them are to improve Reyna's performance rather than affecting directly on opponents or helping her allies. Among these abilities, there are even two that can only be used after killing an opponent. To get the best out of Reyna, it's therefore essential to be effective in pure combat, without artifice.

To help her get her first elimination, Reyna hasLeer. This ability creates an eye a few yards from Reyna. All players with their eyes in its field of vision begin to have blurry vision. The effect is comparable to Omen's Paranoia and prevents you from seeing more than a meter in front of you.

Since Leer can be launched through a wall, it's a great tool to initiate a fight. On the other hand, even if the eye can take effect for a very long time, it can easily be destroyed by one or two bullets by opponents. Never wait for Leer to take effect before jumping into battle. You have to start the fight right when the eye appears. Your opponents will waste precious time destroying it before they can fight you.

Once you've taken your first elimination, an orb will appear very briefly on their corpse. You will be able to consume this orb, whatever the distance between it and you. To consume it, you will have to choose between Devour and Dismiss. These These two abilities share their number of uses. They can be used up to 4 times, which is more than enough. In theory, you should be able to kill one opponent, use one of the abilities to kill another, and so on until you kill all five players on the enemy team.

Devour should be used if the situation around you is under control. You will then get a healing of 100 health. The particularity of Devour is that this treatment can exceed your Agent's base health in the form of an Overheal. You can temporarily get up to 50 health more than your 100 base health. Even if the overheal is limited in time, it lasts long enough to be useful in a second fight.

Dismiss should be used when the situation is tense after a kill. Even though Reyna is a duelist, this ability allows her to fight alone against multiple opponents. When she eliminates one, she can use Dismiss to become invulnerable. Reyna can't fire during invulnerability. It's therefore necessary to take advantage of it to flee. You can also use Dismiss to bait opponents. They'll have to empty their magazines on you, which can allow you to eliminate them when they have to reload.

Combined with Empress, Dismiss has the particularity of making Reyna invisible. By using this wisely, you can confuse your opponents and place yourself in unexpected places, until you can shoot again.

Even if ther's a small period of inactivity while using Devour and Dismiss, you should always use one of these two abilities in battle.

Empress, Reyna's Ultimate

Empress is Reyna's ultimate ability. It's a performance boost that allows Reyna to be faster in handling her weapons. She shoots faster. She reloads faster. She switches weapons faster. In short, she kills faster.

In addition, Reyna's opponents are now highlighted in red for the duration of Empress, even if they're inside a smoke bomb with her. Seeing them stand out from the rest of the environment, she can spot them much faster and increase her battle efficiency. The Empress' buff lasts about 20 seconds, but is reset for each elimination she succeeds.

If things were not yet clear, Reyna is an Agent for comfortable players with the idea of going into battle. When using Empress, don't hesitate too much and seek enemies at all costs. You have the statistical advantage in terms of power as well as in terms of health if you have used Devour.

Play Reyna in Attack and in Defense

As aforementioned, Reyna brings no tactical advantage to her team and can't really interact with the elements around her. As a result, Reyna is probably the Agent who plays the same way in Attack as in Defense.

She's not designed to wait patiently behind a crate, but to start fights. It's of course better not to go one versus everyone, but a good player of Reyna will know when to fight at the right time and long enough to get the first necessary kill. From there, you must be able to snowball by capitalising on each of the kills to take another one.

In Attack, she must be able to kill one or two defenders from one bomb site, then go directly to the defenders of the other site while they rotate. In Defense, Reyna must act as the Rotating Player, able to stop Attackers before they even arrive at a bomb site. In either case, she must always be on the move, ready to battle.

Few tips and tricks:

  • You can put Leer on the ground to make it harder to aim at.
  • Dismiss makes you invulnerable to all damages, including a Spike explosion