Guide: Master Phoenix, tips, tricks and advices

Phoenix is one of the Agent available right at the start in Valorant. This Initiator brings happiness to solo players, the former specialising in duels. If he usually dies the quickest, it’s not without taking away one or two opponents in his fall.

Before anything else, we advise you to familiarise yourself with Phoenix's abilities.

Using Phoenix's abilities

Phoenix is a bit like Viper: very efficient, but at the expense of his allies. His abilities make no distinction between friends and foes, which makes him difficult to associate with other Agents. But when Viper gameplay is more defensive, Phoenix gameplay is rather offensive.

Hot Hands is a devilishly effective ability. The lingering flame carpet it lays on the ground can kill an enemy in a few seconds. Nonetheless, pay attention to its relatively limited range (the spell automatically falls to the ground a few seconds after being cast). Note that Phoenix is unaffected by his own flames. Even better, they heal him. Forcing a fight in a restricted area covered in flames is to his advantage.

Blaze can help you isolate an opponent by trapping them behind a wall of fire before throwing them Hot Hands. Its other use will obviously be to hide from your opponents’ sight. Rarely do they try to cross your wall. They can’t use it as a peek protection without burning. A wall will therefore have a more dissuasive effect than any other effect.

As with Hot Hands, Blaze's flames heal Phoenix. You can then keep these abilities to heal yourself after or during a fight.

Finally, Curve Ball is Phoenix’s main tool to kill. Depending on the click (left or right), you will be able to detonate almost instantly a flashbang on your left or on your right. Be careful, it’s not possible to throw it straight ahead, which means you can only use it in curves and corners. If there is no wall separating you from the ability, it will blind you too, even if you turn your back on it and don’t look directly at it.

It’s a pure initiation tool to be used before starting an attack. The enemy’s blindness time is quite substantial. Properly used, you will be able to kill an enemy without much harm when you tumble into a room.

Run It Back, Phoenix's Ultimate

Run It Back is Phoenix ultimate ability. It allows him to leave a mark on the ground, like a kind of backup point. If Phoenix is killed within seconds of using Run It Back, his body disappears in flames and he reappears at the mark’s location.

Run It Back duration is quite short. If you don’t get killed, you will get teleported to your mark at the end of it. Be careful, an enemy who finds the mark will know you will eventually spawn on it, whatever happens. They can then kill you and you won't be able to defend yourself, so pay attention where you put it.

We don’t recommend using Run It Back if you still have Curveball. Curveball should already provide some security during the attack. Run It Back will protect you for another attack.

Playing Phoenix in Attack

Phoenix is excellent in Attack. He takes advantage of Curveball to take one or two kills at the start of the game as well as Blazer to hide his and his allies movements. He’s not particularly comfortable planting and controlling the Spike, but he is able to chase and kill enemies after the first assault.

If your allies manage to plant the Spike, use Hot Hands around it to prevent enemies from defusing it.

Playing Phoenix in Defense

Phoenix isn’t played differently in Defense and in Attack. Above all, he takes the role of an assassin who must, when he can, bypass the opposing team to eliminate them from behind.

If bypassing isn’t an option, Hot Hands and Blaze will be very effective to slow the opponents’ progression. Try cutting a group of enemies in half with Blaze to split their strengths.

Few things to know:

  • Hot Hands has a limited flight time and will always fall 2 seconds after being used, regardless of the angle or number of bounces.
  • You can slightly influence the trajectory of Curveball by moving your head in the desired direction.