Guide: Master Omen, tips, tricks and advices

Omen is one of the Agent you have to unlock in Valorant. This Controller manipulates shadows to move without being seen and frighten opponents.

He is one of the hardest Agent to master, but with strong potential. Omen is as effective in attack as in defense as long as you know how to use his unique abilities with precision.

Before anything else, we advise you to familiarise yourself with Omen's abilities.

Using Omen's abilities well

Shrouded Step is an especially useful ability since mobility is quite a rare thing in Valorant. Its most basic use will be to teleport you from one cover to another, but you can also use it to reach raised places like Jett. It’s not absurd to use it to pass through a window, climbing being sometimes complicated and making you vulnerable. Just keep in mind that Omen is temporarily without a weapon when teleporting. Don’t teleport directly to an enemy. The skill is also quite noisy and your enemies will know if you have teleported near them.

The projectile created by Paranoia greatly limits the field of vision of affected enemies. The ability moves rather slowly, which means enemies will see if you try to use it directly against them. Take advantage of its ability to go through walls to surprise your opponents. You can check the progress of your shot on the minimap in order to attack right when opponents are blind.

Dark Cover is used the same way as Paranoia. Omen launches a dark and slow orb that can pass through walls. The major difference lies in the complexity of manipulating the distance at which you want your dark smoke to appear. Take advantage of the Practice mode to familiarise yourself with the UI.

The projectile slowness is more practical than crippling. Since you can launch your Dark Cover from a very long distance and through walls, it gives you time to get around obstacles and reach its area of effect without being disarmed. Ideally, you should enter a room just as your Dark Cover spreads out.

From The Shadows, Omen's Ultimate

From The Shadows is Omen’s ultimate ability. It’s nothing more than a teleportation allowing you to appear anywhere on the map. Of course, there are some counterparts. The first is the channel time of a few seconds which immobilises you and makes you vulnerable where you casted your ultimate. The second is that Omen’s shadow appears where you’re going to teleport during the channel. Your opponents can destroy it to cancel your channel and teleportation. Finally, the ability makes a lot of noise and your opponents will know immediately if you teleported around them.

This ability can therefore not be easily used to surprise your opponents, unless your team takes advantage of the panic and hubbub it causes in the opposite team to launch an assault. In general, you will mainly use From The Shadows to backup from one side of the map to another.

Omen ultimate also has another significant effect: it clouds the minimap for a few seconds, the time of its use. It's ideal to surprise opponents with strategies exploiting this brief blur period.

Playing Omen in Attack

When Attacking, Omen can easily move from one cover to another thanks to Shrouded Step. It allows him to get a different point of view unanticipated by opponents. It’s also easier to put your abilities, as long as your opponents are stationary in defense. Throwing Paranoia or Dark Cover through walls so they’re not detected can be a good initiation.

Playing Omen in Defense

Omen is also a good defender. His Dark Cover allows him to throw a visual obstacle at a good distance without having to leave his cover. He can even put a smoke from one site to another to help his allies. Thanks to Shrouded Step, he is also able to bypass attackers to kill them in the back.

Few tips and tricks:

  • Unlike other smoke bombs, Dark Cover literally acts like a veil rather than a smoke. The players inside it can see everything around them but can’t see outside the sphere.