Guide: Master Jett, tips, tricks and advices

Jett is one of Valorant’s core Agents. She is a duellist specialised in mobility, capable of surprising her opponents by moving very quickly and on trajectories unique to her character.

She doesn’t have any offensive ability but her ultimate, she can therefore only rely on her gun talent to kill her opponents. You have to be even more precise and quicker playing Jett because of her own movements forcing her to adjust her shots differently in each situation.

Before anything else, we advise you to familiarise yourself with Jett's abilities.

Using Jett abilities well

Jett abilities are based on speed, but they can’t be used aggressively. In fact, Updraft and Tailwind temporarily de-equips the character from her weapon, making her completely vulnerable if she uses them in front of her opponents. In addition, Jett loses a lot of accuracy during these moves.

These skills allow him to run away or change position very quickly. Outside of combat, they are used to position themselves quickly and discreetly in certain places that are impossible for other characters to access.

150 Credits - Two uses per round.

Jett's Ascending Current skill.

UpdraftIn particular, it allows you to perch on crates or walls and wait for your opponents from an elevated position. It is also possible to combine the two Courants to go even higher.

When they enter a room, players will check the ground level areas first, before looking at the higher areas. Take advantage of this reaction time to surprise them and eliminate them.

Nevertheless, when using this skill, be careful: it is quite noisy and perfectly recognisable by a seasoned player. So, when playing defence, position yourself high up before the start of the round so that opponents cannot spot you.

Take unexpected lines with the Ascending Current skill.

Current Ascendant is of course equally useful in attack. For example, on Icebox, you can take a position on the tunnel that leads to the kitchen. This is a strategic location that gives you a good view of the middle of the map. You can easily counter rotations, whether your team decides to plant on A or B.

On Icebox, Courant Ascendant allows you to climb up the tunnel to the kitchen.

In addition to the possibility of hiding high up, Current Ascendant simply allows you to get up to certain strategic points more quickly maps. On Haven, for example, it is possible to take up a position on the tower of site A by going through the window. This is a good way to help your teammates on the ground, who are defending a planted spike. To facilitate your insertion and as a precaution, you can even block the view with your Reverse spell.

Available automatically at the beginning of the round

Jett's Tailwind skill.

Rear Wind is useful for repositioning or catching enemies at speed when rotating. You can also bypass your opponents to come in from the flank faster than they might have anticipated. Later in this guide, we explain how this spell can be combined with Reverse to easily evade a fight or, conversely, put pressure on a site early in the turn.

For these uses alone, Reverse Wind is already an interesting spell. Nevertheless, it is a good spell, there is another utility, which has made Jett the main Agent for using the Operator. The risk when sniping is that you miss and come under enemy fire. Thanks to Rear Wind, Jett can easily shoot and then take cover.

Finally, Back Wind allows you to dodge a good number of skills that would represent an imminent danger. This is particularly the case when Raze advances rapidly on you with his ultimate activated.

Since patch 4.08The Back Wind skill has been reworked. It is now necessary to activate the skill once before you can use the dash. By doing so, you trigger the opening of a 12-second time windowduring which you can actually dasher. To do this, you simply switch the skill on again, while pressing a directional key, right or left. It is also possible to send Jett backwards. If no directional key is used, Jett will spontaneously move forward. If you do not use the skill before the time runs out, you lose its use.

The Back Wind skill requires a first activation.

It therefore becomes important and necessary to plan the use of Tailwind in advance. When you take a line from the Operator at the beginning of the game, remember to activate it, just in case. If you feel that you may be in danger, because of an imminent opponent's rush, don't hesitate to activate it too. This will make it easier for you to run away or dodge an attack, if necessary.

A very practical liability

In addition to these two skills, which make her particularly mobile, Jett has a passive that allows him to float in the air. Obviously, she does not float continuously. This passive can be triggered when she is already in the air, after a jump, by falling from a high area or after an Ascending Current. All you have to do is hold down the jump key.

This additional ability is very useful for reach certain areas without using any other skills. This gives you the opportunity to take aggressive lines, which may not be expected by your enemies.

For example, on Icebox, by jumping from the central structure of site A, you can reach the top of the server on the left. If you have an operator, this is a perfect location to pick up kills from enemies who would be rushing the site without paying attention.

Jett's passive is useful for reaching areas without using other spells.

You can also use it to do information gathering. By combining it with Ascending Current, you can hold yourself in the air for several seconds, the time it takes to perceive where an opponent or a trap is located for example.

200 Credits - Two uses per round

The Reverse skill is multifunctional: it blocks lines of sight and allows you to flee or attack enemies quickly.

The ability Cloudburst works both offensively and defensively. It has the advantage of being instantaneous and controllable with the mouse. On the other hand, it is the smallest and shortest smoke of all Valorant. Despite this, this ability is extremely practical and has three main roles: block lines of sight, escape from a fight and enter the site quickly.

When it comes to blocking opposing lines, Jett can simply position his smoke bomb on a default line.

The Reverse skill is useful for temporarily blocking a line of sight.

You will have to be quick if you want to move forward to avoid being under the yoke of the enemy when the smoke disappears. Don't try to replace Brimstone, Astra or Omen's smoke with Jett's, that would be a mistake. In addition, Averse can be useful for quickly creating One-Ways You block the line of sight, while enjoying an advantageous shooting angle.

Where Averse becomes even more interesting is when combined with the other skills. By throwing a cloud at an opponent during a duel, you can take advantage of the short time he can't see to reposition yourself, with Back Wind, where he doesn't expect it. This allows you to flee or to place yourself behind his back in order to take the kill more easily. Be careful, you will have to plan your move in advance, in order to activate the window of use of Reverse Wind in time.

Finally, when you want to quickly enter a site and put pressure on it, it may be interesting to create a smoke corridor via your two Averses. By using your downwind ability, you can easily get to a corner of the site or the centre, while staying out of sight. However, this technique requires a very good command of the timing of the disappearance of the orbs.

Blade Storm, Jett's Ultimate

Storm of Blades: Jett's Ultimate.

Blade Storm is an ultimate ability that does a lot of damage, very quickly. But its best asset is its perfect precision. Jett's knives go exactly where you aim, even if you're moving or fallingThis is very useful with Ascending Current. If you use this combo, make sure you are quick and efficient or as unexposed as possible, otherwise you will be killed quickly and you will not be able to escape.

As the Blade Storm is virtually free, it allows you to gain a significant advantage over your opponents during the eco rounds. However, it requires the acquisition of 7 ultimate points to be launched.

To use this ultimate, you have two options: throw one kunai at a time, via the left click, or throw your whole gear, via the right click. From the Patch 3.06The damage inflicted via left and right click is identical. Also, right-click kills no longer recharge kunais. If you send all your projectiles, be sure to knock your target down.

Blade Storm is also an interesting last resort when the economy of your team is not in good shape. If you are short of money, it may be useful to start a round by buying only a shield; you will have to manage the kills with the kunais. As soon as a corpse appears, on your side or on the opponent's side, recover the weapon to be better equipped. In the event that a teammate runs out of money, you can provide them with a weapon if you have the funds; again, your kunais will serve as a weapon until you find something on the ground.

On the other hand, you should always capitalize on this ultimate when the opposing team is in the eco round. If you are efficient enough and keep a certain distance, your enemies will probably not be able to react with simple guns.

Playing Jett in Attack

In attack, Jett must overtake her opponents. By using Tailwind, she can go from cover to cover before opponents can shoot or set their traps. Most of the time, defenders only want to have a clear sight towards the entrances of a site. They will have to reposition themselves if you’re already in and hidden behind an obstacle they didn’t plan to cover.

As a good duellist, Jett especially stands out during skirmishes or played as an assassin. While your group is attacking site A, go to site B to kill in the back opponents on their way to backup site A.

Playing Jett in Defense

In defense, Jett can be played according to two strategies. The first is to propel Jett on obstacles to surprise opponents, as seen earlier. The second is to go behind to make a pincer attack on opponents.

Few things to know:

  • Jett can use both of her Updrafts simultaneously to propel herself even higher.
  • By holding your jump key when falling, you glide and slow your fall down. Your precision is then highly lowered.
  • Blade Storm knives damage doesn’t depend on the distance between you and your target. A knife in the head will always kill an opponent with or without armour.