Guide: Master Jett, tips, tricks and advices

Jett is one of Valorant’s core Agents. She is a duellist specialised in mobility, capable of surprising her opponents by moving very quickly and on trajectories unique to her character.

She doesn’t have any offensive ability but her ultimate, she can therefore only rely on her gun talent to kill her opponents. You have to be even more precise and quicker playing Jett because of her own movements forcing her to adjust her shots differently in each situation.

Before anything else, we advise you to familiarise yourself with Jett's abilities.

Using Jett abilities well

Jett abilities are based on speed, but they can’t be used aggressively. In fact, Updraft and Tailwind temporarily unequip Jett of her weapon, which makes her entirely vulnerable if she uses her abilities in front of opponents. Moreover, Jett loses a lot of precision during these movements. These skills allow her, however, to escape or change position very quickly.

Out of fight, Jett abilities are used to quickly and discreetly position herself in places that are impossible for other Agents to access. Updraft, especially, allows Jett to propel herself on crates or walls and wait for opponents from a raised position. When entering a room, players check places at ground level first, before watching raised places. Take advantage of this reaction time to surprise and eliminate them.

Tailwind is also useful to reposition yourself or to outpace enemies when rotating. You can also bypass your opponents to flank them faster than they could anticipate it.

RegardingCloudburstthe ability both works defensively and offensively. It has the advantage of being instantaneous but is on the other hand the smallest and shortest smoke of Valorant.

Cloudburst is interesting when combined with other abilities. By throwing a cloud on an opponent during a duel, you can take advantage of the short time during which they can no longer see you to reposition yourself where they won't expect you with Tailwind.

Blade Storm, Jett's Ultimate

Blade storm is an ultimate ability that makes heavy damage, very quickly. Its best advantage is its perfect precision. Jett’s knives go exactly where you aim at, even if you’re moving or falling, which is really practical with Updraft.

Blade Storm being virtually free, it allows you to gain a significant advantage over opponents during eco rounds.

Playing Jett in Attack

In attack, Jett must overtake her opponents. By using Tailwind, she can go from cover to cover before opponents can shoot or set their traps. Most of the time, defenders only want to have a clear sight towards the entrances of a site. They will have to reposition themselves if you’re already in and hidden behind an obstacle they didn’t plan to cover.

As a good duellist, Jett especially stands out during skirmishes or played as an assassin. While your group is attacking site A, go to site B to kill in the back opponents on their way to backup site A.

Playing Jett in Defense

In defense, Jett can be played according to two strategies. The first is to propel Jett on obstacles to surprise opponents, as seen earlier. The second is to go behind to make a pincer attack on opponents.

Few things to know:

  • Jett can use both of her Updrafts simultaneously to propel herself even higher.
  • By holding your jump key when falling, you glide and slow your fall down. Your precision is then highly lowered.
  • Blade Storm knives damage doesn’t depend on the distance between you and your target. A knife in the head will always kill an opponent with or without armour.