Guide: Master Cypher, tips, tricks and advices

Cypher is one the Agent you have to unlock in Valorant. It’s one of the Sentinel specialised in keeping under surveillance every opponent’s movement.

Although he is a rather lonely Agent, he shines especially when he is played with responsive teammates. He is able to control an entire zone by himself, waiting for his allies to back up. He uses many spy gadgets for this.

Before anything else, we advise you to familiarise yourself with Cypher's abilities.

Using Cypher's abilities well

Cypher is an Agent who requires preparation to reveal his full potential. By jointly using each of his abilities, he can make an area impenetrable for his opponents.

200 Credits - Two uses per round.

The trigger wire skill.

Use Trapwires in access corridors to key areas. You can place them horizontally, diagonally or vertically; it depends on the configuration of the area. If an opponent crosses the trap, you will be warned and the trap icon will turn red on the mini-map. As long as the trap has not been destroyed, the enemy will be located through the walls: it flashes red. The trap is not infinite, however, and will eventually explode on its own. If the opposing player is still trapped, he will suffer the explosion and be slowed down and stunned. It is therefore a good tool to minimize your enemies' rushes.

Cypher's trigger wire skill.

Trigger wires are very good gadgets, but they can become even better when combined with the capabilities of other agents. In the example above, it is not uncommon for the entire team to try to get back to the site. As soon as one person is trapped, a Sage can slow down all the enemies, you just have to take advantage of the moment of panic to shoot your opponents. It is also possible to throw a Raze grenade to try to kill as many opponents as possible. This is just an example and similar situations can be created in many maps.

When playing Cypher, you have to be inventive. It is necessary to vary the position of the gadgets, at the risk of being destroyed by enemies. Do not hesitate to change the orientation of a wire, not to put it back in the same place or to move it a few meters. It is also important to place it so that the laser transmitter is not visible until it is too late. Remember that, if the height allows, it is possible to go over or under the wires without destroying them.

Finally, even if it is destroyed, the thread remains informative You will not only be warned by a sound, but the icon will disappear on the mini-map. You will know that someone was near your trap and you can always put this information to good use.

Cypher's cybercage skill.

100 Credits - Two uses per round.

The Cybercage is another surveillance tool to deploy. Place it on the ground, in a doorway or in an access corridor and it will become invisible until Cypher triggers it again. If an enemy comes within range, you will hear a small notification sound. By activating the cage, you can trap an opponent in a column of smoke. A new audible notification will be sent to Cypher each time an opponent passes through the smoke column.

The Cypher cage is perfect for blocking a line of sight or trapping an enemy.

The device is triggered both upwards and downwards. By placing the Cybergage on a slope or on an object, the column of smoke will block the view under the trap. However, if you place your skill high enough, the column may not reach the ground, creating opportunities to one-ways.

It is possible to create one-way traffic with the cybercage.

The Cybercage alone will never really stop or slow down an enemy assault. It only allows you to block vision in a given area and to spot opponents who cross it. So use it to monitor access to a given area, while you monitor another access with your eyes or camera. Once the column is deployed, it will act as a classic smoke bomb, making it more dangerous for opponents to enter.

Automatically available at the beginning of a turn. Recharges after 45 seconds when destroyed.

The spy camera can fire darts at opponents.

The SpyCam Cypher's "watch" allows you to watch a place without taking any risks, even if it is very far away from you. It allows you to stay 5 players away from a point, but still watch the other point. Preferably in elevated areasYou should also try to hide it as much as possible. So you have to try to hide it as best you can. Even if it is invisible to the enemy, it becomes perfectly identifiable when used by Cypher. Used in conjunction with the cage, you can activate the cage much more effectively.

The spy camera is not completely invisible. Try to hide it as much as possible.

When controlling Cypher, it is recommended that you watch the area in front of you first and only glance at your camera for a fraction of a second, quite regularly, to check that no one is passing by elsewhere. When you spot an enemy, immediately communicate the information to your allies and try to mark them with the dart equipped on the camera. The marked player will be visible through the walls, as long as he does not remove the dart.

As mentioned earlier in the guide, it is vital to vary your trap locations regularly when playing Cypher. They will always work the first time, but your enemies will start to notice your mannerisms if you always put your camera in the same place. Find 3 different layouts of your kit, not just for the wires, for each Spike site and alternate between them, otherwise Cypher will lose effectiveness very quickly.

Neural Theft, Cypher's Ultimate

Since patch 5.10The competence has evolved a little bit.

Neural flight: the ultimate in Cypher.

Cypher's Ultimate skill is technically a short wallhack for your entire team. Neural Flight reveals the location of all opposing players still alive, making them visible through walls. They appear highlighted. Their position is revealed twice; once 2 seconds after the skill is used, and again 4 seconds after the first. The opponents are also displayed on the minimap and we strongly advise you to take a look at them immediately after casting the skill.

Do not use Neural Flight in a situation where you are already at a great disadvantage. In a scenario where you are alone against four opponents, you will have too little chance of winning the round and will be alone with crucial information. Instead, use Neural Flight to secure victory in a round that is balanced or to your advantage.

Playing Cypher in Attack

Even in attack, Cypher fulfils a rather defensive role. By using his Trapwire and his Cybercage, he prevents enemies from bypassing you. An enemy detected behind the team’s back is potentially in a weak situation if the whole Cypher team rushes them after they’re detected.

The Trapwire also makes it possible to monitor comings and goings of players between two Spike sites. Cypher can also use his camera to better see in these corridors or even to inspect a site, even if it will probably be destroyed very quickly by enemies.

Playing Cypher in Defense

Cypher excels in defense. He takes full advantage of the buy phase to establish his strategy and decide where to put each of his traps and devices. He can exempt his whole team from monitoring one of the sites thanks to an ingenious use of each of his abilities. Cypher can accompany his four allies to site A and inspect site B using his camera. If there’s trouble at site A, he turns off his camera and is ready to fight. If it’s on site B, he can warn his team and everyone can leave to reposition themselves.

Few things to know:

  • There is no longer a time limit (7s) for using Neural Flight on a body. So wait for the best time to use it.
  • The Trapwire can be placed on floors, ceilings and irregular surfaces as well as on walls. Be creative.
  • Opponents who trigger the Trapwire only have a few seconds to destroy it before it slows them down.
  • Cypher Cages can be collected during the purchase phase, but not once the turn has started.