Guide: Master Brimstone, tips, tricks and advices

Brimstone is one of the Agent initially available in Valorant. He is a Controller with balanced abilities. One of Brimstone’s strength is the persistence of his skills and his ability to adapt to all situations.

Before anything else, we advise you to familiarise yourself with Brimstone's abilities.

Using Brimstone's abilities well

Each of Brimstone’s ability meet various strategic needs.

Sky Smoke

100 Credits - 3 Uses

Brimstone's smoke bombs

Sky Smoke is by far his most useful and practical skill. It allows you to create up to three particularly thick clouds of smoke that stay in place for a long time. It's impossible to miss their placement because, unlike the other Valorant smoke clouds, you can choose their locations by clicking directly on the minimap. This also allows Brimstone to remain safe at the time of deployment.

Stay on the lookout while laying down smoke with the Brimstone ability.

This skill should be used to protect your team from a possible enemy rush. If they are well positioned, the smoke must block the enemy's view and force them to retreat or advance blindly.

Brimstone smoke must block lines of sight.

It is not necessary to place them at the beginning of the game, or even to put them all on the same site. On the contrary, it can be interesting to keep one of them to slow down a rush, which would take place on another site than the one you are defending.

Similarly, if you are attacking, you should use it to maximise the chances of laying the Spike. Your allies rely on your smoke placement to advance undetected. Combined with the Firebomb, they can be very strong in defending the Spike and winning the point.


250 Credits - 1 Use

The Brimstone firebomb.

The Icendiary is more classic, but just as useful. Contrary to what its name might suggest, it is in fact a grenade launcher, which allows you to create a carpet of flames at very long distances. The bomb explodes when it hits the ground, making it easy to deploy in the Smoke Strike clouds to hurt careless players trying to cross.

This competence is as useful for defending a planted spike as it is for preventing its installation. Indeed, when you defend the spike, don't hesitate to throw your Fire Bomb on it. If your enemies try to defuse it, they will take heavy damage. In a one-on-one situation, you get a certain advantage. Also, with the right timing, you can simply prevent the opposing team from winning the round due to time constraints.

In case you want to prevent the Spike from being placed, you just have to throw the Firebomb on the default plant area. Do this as soon as you hear the opposing team's rush. Thanks to the bounce, you can do this while staying safe. For example, on Bind Site A, you need to aim at this wall (see photo) to land the bomb on this level (see photo), while staying behind the 6-wheeled machine.

Use the bounce of the firebomb to reach a point, while remaining hidden.
By bouncing off a wall, you can ignite the default installation area.

To create an additional surprise effect, you can place a smoke bomb on the default area and then throw your Fire Bomb into it. As a result, your enemies may seek to plant the Spike safely in your orb, without considering what awaits them inside.

Steam Beacon

200 Credits - 1 Use

Brimstone's stimulating beacon.

Finally, Steam Beacon is a more difficult to use, but no less interesting, support skill. Place it before a fight to give your team an advantage in the event of a firefight. All allies in the area of effect get Rapid fire, as well as a speed gain during a short period of time. Be careful not to place the beacon too close to your opponents, as they will also benefit from these bonuses.

The stimulating beacon affects both allies and enemies.

If most of the time you are going to use the tag to boost yourself, you can also use it as a decoy. By placing the beacon on an area, you force the enemies to pay attention to it, even for a short time. For example, at the garden level of site B on Bind, they may think you are hiding in a corner. By positioning yourself elsewhere on the site, for example at the window of B, you have an advantage over the enemy. This can be useful, especially when defending the Spike in one-on-one.

Orbital Strike, Brimstone's Ultimate

Brimstone's ultimate: the orbital beam.

Brimstone's Ultimate skill is one of the best zoning tools in Valorant. It requires 7 ultimate points to be triggered. By targeting a specific spot on the minimap, you will cause a very large beam of deadly energy to appear. The beam takes some time to activate, giving enemies a chance to escape. However, if they take damage from the beam, they will be slowed down and blinded, making it even more difficult to retreat.

The Orbital Ray hurts both your allies and your opponents. Brimstone also takes damage, but it is less, allowing him to pass through it without dying if he has all his health points.

As any ability of this kind, it’s ideal for preventing opponents from landing or defusing the Spike.

Playing Brimstone in Attack

In attack, Brimstone can use Sky Smoke on defenders’ most usual shelters to block their sight when he enters a zone. The goal is to make opponents go where they’re not used to play. It’s also possible to create a smoke corridor to a site to plant the Spike right under the defenders’ noses.

Playing Brimstone in Defense

Brimstone is equally competent in defence. The Stimulus Beacon will find more use in these scenarios than in attack. Once you have chosen your shelter, place a beacon and wait for them to arrive.

If you are more of an aggressive type, you can take advantage of your smoke bombs. Place several of them next to each other at an entrance to the site. Buy a bucky or a judge, and move as fast as you can through the smoke without making a sound. Since the vision is blurred inside, your enemies will have difficulty perceiving you. Wait for at least two of them to pass you, then kill them in the back when the time is right. This technique will be more effective in the first few rounds, but can be useful during the course of the game in a semi-eco round for example. However, be careful not to repeat the manoeuvre too many times in a row; if you try too many times, your opponents will expect to find you in all that smoke.

Sky Smoke can be used to block the sight of every entrance to a site, forcing opponents to enter it blindly.

Few things to know:

  • Contrary to what one might think, Sky Smoke passes through the environment ceilings and can therefore be used indoors.