Guide: Master Brimstone, tips, tricks and advices

Brimstone is one of the Agent initially available in Valorant. He is a Controller with balanced abilities. One of Brimstone’s strength is the persistence of his skills and his ability to adapt to all situations.

Before anything else, we advise you to familiarise yourself with Brimstone's abilities.

Using Brimstone's abilities well

Each of Brimstone’s ability meet various strategic needs. Sky Smoke is by far his most useful and practical ability. It can create up to three particularly thick lingering smokes. It’s impossible to miss their placement because, unlike other Valorant smoke abilities, you can choose their locations by clicking directly on the minimap. This also keeps Brimstone safe during deployment.

Icendiary is more classic but just as useful. Contrary to what its name might suggest, it’s actually a grenade launcher shot, which creates a high ranged lingering flame zone on the ground. The bomb explodes when it hits the ground, making it easy to launch it in the clouds of Sky Smoke to injure carefree players who try to cross.

Finally, Steam Beacon is a support ability, which is harder to use, but not less interesting. Place it ahead a fight to gain an advantage in the event of a firefight. Be careful not to place them too close to your opponents as they will benefit from the bonus too.

Orbital Strike, Brimstone's Ultimate

Brimstone’s Ultimate ability is one of the best zoning tools in Valorant. By targeting a specific location on the minimap, you will make a very large beam of deadly energy appear. It takes a while for the beam to activate, giving enemies time to escape but if they take damage from the beam, they will be slowed and blinded, which will make their retreat more difficult.

Orbital Strike also hurts your allies. Brimstone also takes damage, but they’re lower, which allows him to cross it without dying if he’s full life.

As any ability of this kind, it’s ideal for preventing opponents from landing or defusing the Spike.

Playing Brimstone in Attack

In attack, Brimstone can use Sky Smoke on defenders’ most usual shelters to block their sight when he enters a zone. The goal is to make opponents go where they’re not used to play. It’s also possible to create a smoke corridor to a site to plant the Spike right under the defenders’ noses.

Playing Brimstone in Defense

Brimstone is equally competent in defense. The Stim Beacon will be more useful in defense than in attack. Once you chose your shelter, place your beacon and wait for opponents to come.

Sky Smoke can be used to block the sight of every entrance to a site, forcing opponents to enter it blindly.

Few things to know:

  • Contrary to what one might think, Sky Smoke passes through the environment ceilings and can therefore be used indoors.