Guide: Playing Agent Clove (Skills, tips, tutorial...)

Clove is Valorant's twenty-fifth Agent. This Scottish-born controller is built for close combat and risk-taking. Able to have an impact on the game even after his death and to come back to life, he offers a whole new gaming experience.

Before anything else, we advise you to familiarise yourself with Clove's skills.

Clove's skills

Unlike the other Controllers, Clove is more suited to players who have a rather aggressive playstyleand who wish to experiencing front-line combat. This rookie allows for advanced offensives, without taking too many risks. In fact, his kit includes skills that allow him to boost his HP, come back to life and even take action. post-mortem.


Clove skill - Guile

Clove has smoke bombsavailable via the Ruse. It works in much the same way as Brimstone's Smoke Strike, in that open a mini-map just position the smokes where you want them to appear.

It is possible to have two smoke available from the start of the game if you buy both loads, but you don't have to because, as with Omen, you get free a new smoke every 30s.

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The great thing about this character is that even when you're dead, you can still influence the game in progress, positioning your smokes from beyond. And since Clove's smoke can also be recharged when you're dead, you can greatly influence the round, even if you fall in the first few seconds.

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However, you must be very careful to don't die too far from chokepointsThe risk is that you won't be able to be as effective as you'd like. In fact, when you're dead, the range for placing smoke grenades is reduced to on a limited area around your body. For example, on Lotus, if you die at Main A level, you only have access to the area of site A and a small part of site B.

As well as offering the team a great way to push on site by breaking lines of sight, Clove's smokes offer a significant advantage at the end of the round. You can easily help the survivor(s) to plant the Spike or defuse it, as long as you're dead near the site where they are, of course.

Note that if you are in Attack mode and your ally chooses to move to a site away from your body, you can still fake smoke the site where you died to destabilise the remaining enemies.


Clove skill - Meddle

The Troublemaker skill allows you to break through enemy lines more easily. When the orb explodes, all enemies hit receive weathering Disaggregation. Be careful when you use it: the effect does not affect enemies hit by the zone through walls or obstacles that are too imposing.

All the targets hit are noticeable for the pinkish light effect on those around them. This proves that they have undergone a temporary loss of 90 VP. After the deadline, they will be returned to their original penalty notices. Please note, the effect cannot kill an opponenteven if his health is already low. In the worst case, he will drop to 1PV.

Competence of Clove, the new Valorant Controller

Note that this skill works with a timer at the end of which the explosion is triggered automatically. So it's not really advisable to use it as a reaction when going head-to-head with an opponent, or to attempt long line-ups.

We recommend use this skill at the beginning/middle of a roundIn this way, you can take full advantage of your opponent's reduced health during a gun fight. By doing so, you know that the enemies are already -90PV and that you only have a few bullets left to put them down.

In defenceit can be very interesting to use Trouble-fête when the opposing team launches an on-site execution. You'll have a better chance of hitting several opponents, throwing them off balance and, above all, dropping them like flies. On the attackThis skill will be particularly useful for dislodge hidden opponents in a corner. This requires good communication with the initiator/duelist to maximise the chances of taking him down.

Trouble can can easily be used as a combo with Sage's slow, Raze's Grenade and any other tool that can cripple the victims of the spell or inflict damage.

A boost

Clove skill - Pick Me Up

Boost gives you a temporary increase in PVand a speed bonusin the same way as a Brimstone stimulus. Note that activating this skill is conditional on successful elimination or assistance beforehand. So it's essential to be aggressive with Clove.

It's all the more so because if you gain extra HP to stay hidden in the back, not only does this spell lose all its interest, but you'll probably die in a less interesting area than on the site itself. And, as we saw earlier, that's not what you want.

The overheal is similar to Reyna's. You'll get a bonus enabling you to reach a total of 100 hit points For example, if you only have 20 health, you will receive 80 temporary health. If you have all your life and your shield is intact, the effect is not activated.

Note that you do not have no need to have line of sight on the corpse to activate the skillwhich is the case for Reyna. That's why we advise you to take the boost right away if you're in the middle of a fight, but to wait until the last moment to take advantage of it if there's no one in front of you yet. This will ensure that you get the boost you need when the time comes.

Still standing, Clove's ultimate

Clove skill - Not Dead Yet

Being aggressive and making kills is all well and good, but doing so while still having a second chance in the event of death is even better! That's where the Always on your feet enters the scene. Clove's ultimate achievement is nothing short of resurrection. The return to life is not quite the same as that of other agents, and in fact has a few specific features.

From the moment you activate the spell - you need to 7 points - all you have to do is a few seconds to decide whether or not you want to live again. Honestly, it would be a shame not to give it a go, even if the situation is tense, you'll always be one more target for your opponents to deal with.

If you choose to come back to life, it's not all over yet. There is a short period during which you become intangible (as Reyna does with Rebuffade) to take cover or reposition yourself before resuming the fight. It is possible to reappear immediately or wait for the timer to expire.

Guide: Playing Agent Clove (Skills, tips, tutorial...) - mandatory valorant guide agent clove toujours debout 01 -
Guide: Playing Agent Clove (Skills, tips, tutorial...) - mandatory valorant news clove new character resurrection 02 -

Please note that your avatar is highly visible to everyoneIf an enemy is chasing you, there's a good chance you'll fall quickly. Remember to communicate with your mates so that they can protect you over this period. If there's another smoker alive, he can even put a smoke bomb on you to make your job easier.

Once all this is done, you need to it is imperative to make a kill or receive assistance to stay aliveOtherwise you'll die again after ten seconds or so. As a result, it will be all the more It's important to talk to your team so that you can get an easy kill.

You need a kill to stay alive after using Clove's ultimate.

If you have a Sage at your disposal, there are also things you can do! Although it's much more situational, and perhaps a little exaggerated, you can take advantage of the period when you're intangible to get to a safe area, even if you won't have any enemies to shoot nearby. The aim is for Sage to revive you afterwards.