Guide: How to play Yoru (Abilities, tips...)

Yoru is a duelist and his vocation is to drive his opponents crazy. His abilities pay as well with reflexes as with the expectations of his opponents. You can't trust what you see or hear when he's around. We explain in detail how his abilities work!

Before anything else, we advise you to familiarise yourself with Yoru abilities.

There are a lot of subtleties in Yoru's abilities. They allow each to be used in different ways. Yoru doesn't have any true offensive or defensive ability. They all aim to destabilise opponents by forcing them to doubt their senses and watch their back. It's therefore an ideal Agent for those who like to fight in the physical world as much as in the psychological world.


100 Credits – 2 Uses

Yoru : Compétence : Feinte

His first ability is Fakeout. Yoru throws before him an echo of himself. This echo travels in a straight line at Agent running speed and simulates footsteps in the ears of opponents. Footsteps adapt to the ground; if the echo progresses over sand, then over an iron plate, opponents will hear footsteps in sand, then footsteps on iron. In order not to turn the ability against his allies, they hear distinctive puddle noises.

Yoru can decide to land his Fakeout on the ground without triggering it. Fakeout then acts as a trap that can be activated remotely with the F key. The direction in which the Fakeout will go is determined at the time of installation, so it must be placed carefully.

Fakeout's range isn't endless, but it's very long as long as it doesn't get stuck against a wall or a corner. This doesn't mean that it disappears at the first obstacle encountered, on the contrary. The ability progresses, more slowly, and glides along walls if possible. Here's an example:

Finally, Fakeout also has a special feature that will come in handy. Echoes act as Agents in the eyes of different devices in the game. This means that the Echoes can use Bind's teleporters, but more importantly trigger enemy traps. Echo will grab the attention of Killjoy's Turret, trigger Cypher's Trap Wires (if they're set low enough) and take the aggro of Raze's BoomBot.

Fakeout therefore turns out to be a multi-tool. We've talked about this before, but sound is almost as important as sight in a tactical FPS. Opponents will no longer be able to trust what they hear. While they expect Fakeouts in calm situations, using it in the midst of chaos can cheat the reflexes of even the most seasoned players.

Yoru can buy up to 2 Fakeouts per round. It's therefore possible to intimidate the opponents by making both Fakeouts at the same time and make it look like there's a lot of movement on one side of the map. Yoru can also send two Fakeouts in opposite directions before advancing himself in a third direction so his enemies don't know where he's heading.

If Fakeout isn't used for the mind game, it can simply be used for recognition and trap detection.


200 Credits – 2 Uses

Yoru : Compétence : Angle Mort

Yoru's second ability is Blindside. Yoru throws a ball that bounces off a wall before exploding and flashing nearby players. The ability doesn't have infinite range and it must bounce off an obstacle to trigger. It's therefore useless to launch Blindside directly into the air, the ability will disappear before it can fall to the ground and explode.

The ability always triggers half a second after bouncing, so don't expect it to bounce from wall to wall like an arrow of Sova. The ability can bounce off any solid surface, including players or traps.

Blindside has some strengths that other Flashes do not. First, it's invisible to opponents until it bounces off a surface. In addition, the ability makes no noise when cast. Finally, it cannot be destroyed. Yoru's enemies therefore only have a very short time to react and not to suffer the flash.

It's this surprise factor that makes the ability so interesting. The fact that it's so easy to pull and use is also an important factor.

Gate Crash

Signature – Recharges after 2 kills

Yoru : Compétence : Invité Surprise

Yoru's signature ability is Gate Crash. Much like Fakeout, Yoru can drop an orb on the ground or send it forward. However, if the orb is placed on the ground, it cannot be sent forward afterwards. Once the orb is cast or placed, Yoru can teleport to it at any time by re-using the ability.

It's important to note that after teleporting, Yoru maintains the orientation he had when triggering the ability. Remember to turn in the desired direction before that.

The orb remains available for 20 seconds, but it can be destroyed by opponents... at least if they find it. The gatecrashed Orb is invisible to the eyes of the enemies, unless they step on it. The orb can therefore pass through the nose and beard of inattentive teams, but also traps. The orb can also use Bind's teleporters.

Gate Crash is therefore an excellent repositioning ability, but it has weaknesses in both offense and defense. In offense, the orb is silent when launched and sneaks up behind enemy lines, using the teleportation only makes noise upon reception. In defense, you can place the orb in a safe spot before an assault, but using teleportation freezes Yoru to the ground for half a second. Reactive opponents will have time to kill Yoru before he escapes. This problem can be somewhat offset by a jump before teleporting. Yoru will teleport following the inertia of his jump.

Dimensional Shift, Yoru's Ultimate

Yoru : Compétence : Faille Dimensionnelle

Finally, Dimensional Shift is the Ultimate ability of Yoru. It requires 7 charges to be launched. Once launched, Yoru dons a mask and becomes invisible and invincible for 8 seconds. In addition, he gains a significant movement speed bonus. Of course, Yoru can't use any weapons or abilities during this time. He can't use his mini-map either.

In masked form, Yoru can be spotted by enemies if he passes to close to them. A blue circle forms around Yoru and shows his detection radius. If he passes too close to an opponent, the outlines of the opponent's screen will begin to flash blue. If he hits his opponent, Yoru becomes perfectly visible for a moment. He remains invincible, however, so his opponent will not be able to eliminate him.

Dimensional Shift is therefore an excellent tool, both for repositioning and to for recognition. By putting his mask on, Yoru can enter a point and spot the positions of opponents before returning to his starting point. In vocal, he can easily give the opposing positions to his allies. Yoru can remove his mask at any time, so he can step behind enemies to surprise them while they are busy containing an assault. As a last resort, it's also a good ability to get across the map quickly, if necessary. Keep in mind that Dimensional Shift doesn't take long enough to go from one site to another.

Like most abilities in Valorant, it's nearly impossible to use Dimensional Shift reactively. The animation where Yoru equips his mask and trigger the ability is extremely long, approximately 2 seconds.

Playing Yoru in Attack and in Defense

Like any Duelist, Yoru is especially good at attacking. Use his abilities to surprise your opponents, either by making them believe that you are close to them, or conversely to appear behind their backs by surprise. Yoru can use Gate Crash and Dimensional Transfer while wearing the Spike. He's therefore the ideal Agent to land the Spike without the knowledge of opponents.

In Defense, Yoru will mainly assume the role of lurker. His mission will be to find his opponents alone and sow discord among them. Fakeout can be used to force attackers to switch locations or simply make them look behind their backs at the wrong time. Gate Crash can also cover two sites at once, if Yoru has taken care to position it correctly at the start of the round.

Yoru's Synergies and Counters

Yoru doesn't really benefit from any particular synergies with other Agents. He performs well on all teams and it's more for him to adapt to them than the other way around. Yoru must be able to take advantage of situations created by his allies to use his abilities.

But if there's another Agent he's wreaking havoc with, it's Omen. The two Agents can teleport together to grip the enemy team. Omen's smokes can also create the ideal cover for the teleportation or Dimensional Shift.

There are, however, a few abilities that are particularly effective against Yoru. With her wall, Sage can block all of his abilities and moves. This makes it difficult for him to establish his game plan. You should also know that Skye and Cypher's ultimate abilities reveal Yoru's presence, even though he's invisible. (Note: This could change in the future.)

Few tips and tricks:

  • You can jump before triggering Gate Crash's teleport so you don't stand still.
  • Throwing Blindside at your feet like a ninja smoke bomb is definitely an option while you rush. The flash will take place behind your back, but opponents in front of you or in pursuit of you will be blinded.
  • Blindside destroys Ascent's window
  • Pay attention to the delay before Dimensional Shift is active. You run the risk of leaving too early and being seen by your enemies.