Guide: How to play Killjoy (Abilities, tips...)

Killjoy is a sentinel who excels at deploying traps and gadgets to control access to different areas of the map. When Killjoy decided that no one is allowed in, her opponents must redouble their efforts to prove her wrong. Here's our guide on how to play Agent Killjoy and master her abilities.

Before anything else, we advise you to familiarise yourself with Killjoy's abilities.

Using Killjoy's abilities well

Each of Killjoy's abilities involves the use of a gadget. They're all very powerful, but it implies several common weaknesses. The first is the deployment time. Killjoy can't use her abilities in a middle of a fight, or in reaction to an enemy attack. It's essential to prepare the ground and plan ahead where the different gadgets will be handy.

The second weakness is that a gadget... breaks! Each of Killjoy's skills can be destroyed before they even have a chance to trigger. Not only are they bullet sensitive, but they can also be destroyed by the skills. As such, Raze is probably Killjoy's worst enemy.

The last counterpart is that the range of activation of the turret and the bot-alarm is limited. Since the patch 1.11Both tools automatically deactivate when Killjoy moves more than 40 metres away.


200 Credits - 2 Uses per round.

Killjoy's Nanite Swarms skill.

TheNanoswarm is a very powerful skill. Place the device on the ground and fire it from a distance to create a large area of damage on command. Once on the ground, the device is invisible, unless an opponent is in its area of effect. The damage of grenades is not cumulative.

It is possible to use each grenade in different locations to cover more ground and maximise the chance of inflicting damage. For example, you could place them on the most common spike areas.

It is also possible to place the Nanite Swarms next to each other. For example, you could place your two swarms at the entrance to site B on Ascent, or at the entrance to site B on Split. This technique allows you to inflict heavy damage on the entire enemy team, which would attempt a rush. To be even more efficient, place your bot-alarm nearby. All you have to do is set off your traps when you get the information from your bot.

Nanite swarms can counter a team rush and inflict heavy damage on the enemy.


200 Credits - 1 Use per round.

Killjoy's alarm-bot skill.

The Alarmbot works in much the same way, but is automatically triggered when an opponent passes by. Even though it is invisible initially, it is much less discreet once it has spotted its target. If an enemy is hit by the Alarm Bot, it suffers damage and a very large handicap. This is the perfect time for one of your Duelists to go after it.

The bot-alarm is a very useful tool for detecting adversaries.

These first two abilities require originality from Killjoy. If you place them in the same places each round, your opponents will quickly understand and will not be fooled. Be flexible and inventive, especially in defense, and don't hesitate to alternate BP to regularly surprise your opponents.


Available automatically at the beginning of the round.

Killjoy's Turret.

The Turret is a very special case. It is able to see its enemies from any distance, as long as there are no obstacles in its way. Its field of vision is nevertheless limited to a 180 degree cone. The turret should therefore never be placed in the centre of an area, but rather against a wall to protect its blind spot.

It is very easy to counter the Turret. It is sensitive to flash and smoke. Because of its immobility, it is easy to spot it before a smoke bomb is laid and then destroy it through the smoke. It is also possible to Sliver Peek the turret (shoot it without completely overtaking a wall) and destroy it without it being able to react.

Valorant : The Sliver Peek on a Killjoy turret
Sliver Peeking Killjoy's Turret

It is very robust and has 100 HP. Whatever happens, even if she doesn't get a chance to shoot, she should keep her opponents' attention long enough for you to spot them. With its high HP, it may also attract opposing skills, which is a good thing! A skill used on a turret is one less skill that can kill your allies.

Lockdown, Killjoy's Ultimate ability

Killjoy's ultimate: containment.

Lockdown is Killjoy's ultimate ability. It is a sort of alternative Spike. Once set, it explodes 13 seconds later in a very, very large area. The blast incapacitates all opponents, rendering them almost immobile. When Killjoy sets Containment, all players are warned and can see the time remaining before it is triggered, as well as the area affected by it on the mini-map.

There are two viable strategies for your opponents during Containment: run away to avoid the debuff or force an assault before it starts. In the case of running away, it's to Killjoy's benefit. His team gains about 13 seconds of impunity, which is all the more useful in Defence. In the case of a rush, it will be a forced attack and therefore less well prepared than an ordinary assault.

Note, however, that Lockdown is easily countered with other Ultimate abilities. Brimstone and Sova in particular can easily destroy the device remotely.

Play Killjoy in Defense

As you can see, Killjoy is particularly successful in defense. Take advantage of the buy phases to prepare your traps and position them in accordance with your team's strategy. As we said above, we strongly recommend that you alternate very regularly the site you're going to defend, as well as the placement of your devices.

It's better to let your tools fight for you. Upon death, you will no longer be able to use Nanoswam and replace your items.

If you manage to kill the opponent carrying the Spike, don't hesitate to place a Nanoswarm on top of it. If the opponents put down the Spike, you can use Lockdown to regain control on the area around the Spike.

Play Killjoy in Attack

Killjoy is of course a more useful Agent in Defense, but that doesn't mean she's useless in Attack. She's the ideal Agent to avoid being attacked in the back. By placing Turret and Alarmbot wisely, it's almost impossible for you to be surprised.

Lockdown is a formidable ally for Attackers. Whether used to take control of a site and plant the Spike, or to protect the Spike once it's planted, it's possibly the most powerful ability in the game.

Few tips and tricks:

  • It takes a while to equip and deploy Killjoy's gadgets, and even longer before they're activated and ready for battle.
  • You can pick up your turret to redeploy it after if it's the target of abilities, like Raze's Paint Shells.
  • When Killjoy is too far away from her equipment, it automatically deactivates. This point gives two important pieces of information depending on the situation: either Killjoy is nearby or she is not.