Guide: How to play Chamber (Abilities, tips...)

Chamber is a Sentinel that stands out from the rest thanks to his style, rather aggressive. While his counterparts are more of a defensive support role, this new Agent has a whole range of weapons to be able to attack as well as defend. Mastering him will take time and great precision, as perfection is the key word to describe him.

Before anything else, we advise you to familiarise yourself with Chamber abilities.

Chamber Abilities


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Trademark matieralises as a small beacon. You can carry a load, costing 200 credits. This skill is like a mix between Sage's Orb of Slowness and Killjoy's Bot Alarm. The beacon can be placed on the ground, on walls or on crates, at a safe distance from its owner. If an enemy enters its detection zone, the beacon creates a zone under the opponent's feet that slows them and prevents it from jumping. Like Killjoy's Alarm bot, Mark Deposited remains active only if Chamber is in the skill's activation zone.

When an enemy is detected by the beacon or when it is destroyed, the Chamber player is warned by a signal that appears in the middle of his screen. The player can then see "Enemy detected" or "Gadged destroyed". Chamber can therefore leave his device to watch an area and come out of hiding as soon as an enemy is affected, in order to pick them up easily.

Unlike Killjoy's Alarm Bot, Trademark is not invisible and does not inflict damage when it is triggered. It only provides information on the position of the opposing team, while slowing them down in their progress on the map. This gives Chamber and his allies time to arrive and eliminated trapped opponents.

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You'll need to think carefully and strategically before placing your beacon. We advise you to place it where the enemy won't be able to see it before walking past. For example, just behind the frame of a door, if you know he's going to pass through it. Or behind a crate. Note that it is possible to recover it for redeployment during the game from patch 5.12.

Note that the slowdown zone created by Trademark does not only act on enemies. It will also slow you down if you walk through it.


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By activating Headhunter, Chamber equips a golden pistol. This ability reloads and you can carry up to eight bullets at the same time. Each round will cost you 150 credits.

While this weapon appears to be similar to the Sheriff, it actually surpasses it in many ways. The weapon does the same damage as the Sheriff, but is has one major advantage: it does not reduce damage with distance. In other words, you can shoot from anywhere, the damage will still be the same. If you manage to shoot your opponent in the head, it's a guaranteed kill. It is therefore a skill that requires precision above all. There is a built-in crosshair to increase your accuracy rate. The Headhunter's recovery time is also much quicker than that of a sheriff, and the weapon can be equipped more quickly. On the other hand, you do need to be accurate on your first shot, bearing in mind that dispersion increases after the second shot.

The major advantage of this weapon is that it costs much less than a Sheriff, and it's more powerful. Indeed, Chamber cannot lose it or have it stolen if he dies. This gives him a big advantage in the Pistol rounds. Where others start with a basic weapon, Chamber starts with a much more powerful and advantageous weapon. Also, when you don't spend all your bullets, you save them for the next round. All of this offers a significant economic and strategic advantage.

The ability therefore totally outclasses the Sheriff.


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With patch 5.12This competence has evolved enormously. Rendezvous is Chamber's signature ability. It gives you the ability to place a teleportation beacon. The latter can be placed anywhere and at a good distance, just like the Marker. When you are standing in the teleportation area, which is marked with a golden circle, you just have to reactivate the ability to be teleported instantly. . This is very useful for running away if you're shot at as, unlike Yoru and Omen's teleports, Chamber is invulnerable when he reactivates Rendezvous. However, he becomes vulnerable on landing, as you don't immediately regain control of your Agent. Also note that the edges of your screen turn yellow to indicate that teleportation is possible.

Unlike the Trademark tag, the Rendez-Vous tag can be recovered and then redeployed. Chamber can see his beacon through walls and retrieve it, regardless of the distance and obstacles between them. It can be destroyed and you are advised to place it in places where enemies are unlikely to pass and in safe areas in case you have to retreat. Note that if the beacon is destroyed, it cannot be recovered until the next round.

One of the strong points is that the beacon can be placed high up on crates or on walls, which makes it possible to reach strategic points that are normally inaccessible. This is a great advantage for an agent equipped with a sniper and offers great opportunities for a kill. While it was initially impossible to use teleportation if you were not on the same level as the beacon, this is now the case.

This ability will be useful for taking risks, attempting a duel by moving forward, and then moving back if the situation requires it. However, it's important to know that the teleportation is noisy at reception, and that you will be quickly spotted when you use it.

Tour de Force, Chamber's Ultimate

Guide: Playing the Agent Chamber (Skills, tips, tutorial...) - valorant database agents chamber skill icon -

Tour de Force is Chamber's Ultimate. It provides him with a free sniper that can kill an enemy with a single bullet, no matter where it hits. So all you have to do is hit your opponent with this weapon, even in their feet, to end their life. When you kill an opponent, the ability deploys an area under the victim's feet. . This slows them down and prevents them from jumping, similar to Trademark. In a push, if Chamber kills the first player passing a door, this zone will deter the rest of the opponents from advancing. It can also be interesting to let several enemies advance before taking the first kill.

When you activate Tour de Force, you have 5 sniper bullets for that round. Don't waste them, but don't be too economical with them either, as you will lose the weapon at the end of the round no matter what. Be aware though that this weapon aims and fires faster than the Operator. Once the ultimate is activated, you can take out and stow your sniper at will during the round, as long as you haven't used all your bullets.

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This ability should definitely shake up your economy since, as mentioned earlier, the sniper is obtained without paying out a single credit. A huge advantage when you're in a round where it's best to save money. Any money you don't use can then be invested in another main weapon, or armour, to make you even more versatile.

Chamber's strengths

Chamber is a hybrid between Sentinel and Duelist. Thanks to all the weapons his abilities offer, he is able to protect an area alone. These weapons are one of his main strengths. Headhunter gives him an even stronger pistol even stronger than the Sheriff. As for the ultimate, it provides him with a free sniper. This gives him a real advantage in managing his economy and will allow him to buy equipment for his allies without sacrificing his offensive potential.

His abilities allow him to kill really easily his opponents. But accuracy will be key, as the only way to really take advantage of his abilities is to not miss enemies. He should also prove relatively good at holding positions on Fracture, which consists of large lines of hold and good snipe areas.

Finally, if you position its teleportation beacon correctly, you can easily reposition yourself, escape complicated situations or make kills by arriving in the back of your opponents.

Chamber's weaknesses

As a hybrid, Chamber does not have an ability set that is very suited to his Sentinel class. Unlike his counterparts, he only has his Trademark ability to help his allies and impact his entire team. His other abilities are not intended for information gathering or assistance. Where other Sentinels will lay traps, he will use weapons.

Like Reyna, he doesn't bring much to his team, but will be very efficient in killing his opponents, making him formidable in SoloQ.

Few tips and tricks

  • When Chamber is able to teleport, you can tell by the colour of his jacket. The jacket turns gold when the Agent enters the teleportation area.