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Training while waiting your access to Valorant

If you didn’t get your access to Valorant’s beta yet and are afraid of falling behind other players, don’t panic! There are many ways to train, even without having the game. Nothing is as good as a real game indeed, but we explain here how to prepare effectively and how to be operational as soon as your get your access! If you are unfamiliar with certain terms in this guide, don’t hesitate to visit our Glossary.

Work on your aim

Valorant is a first person shooter, and as in any game of the genre, the aim (the ability to aim quickly and precisely) will be very important in your games. 

While waiting the access to the game, it is possible to practice on this via many softwares such as Kovaak’s, Aimlab, Aimtrainer and many others. Be careful however not to fall into the trap of these softwares which sometimes offer many exercices far from freal situations and can make you waste your time, or even take bad reflexes that are difficult to lose.

Instead, we recommend you to install CS:GO and to practice on maps such as “aim_botz” or “Fast Aim / Reflex”. This type of training will be very similar to the one offered in Valorant, and CS:GO is, without a doubt, the closest game in terms of pace and feelings. Your time will therefore be far from being lost and with serious training, you will even be ahead at aiming compared to most of the players having access to the beta since the opening. We invite you to learn more about this in our article on improving your aim.

Improve your Crosshair Placement

Most players swear only by the aim, but that is a mistake. You will always have an advantage on your opponent, regardless of the quality of their aim, if you crosshair is already placed on their head when you see them. To do this, you have to learn to place your crosshair correctly at all times, and you can already start training in any FPS (even if we, once again, advise CS:GO).

At first, take the reflex to always place your crosshair at head level, which will avoid unnecessary movements when you meet an enemy. The second step is to get into the habit of always following the curves of the map when you pass a wall, rather than strafe directly at the point where you think the opponent is standing. This will force you to check every corner and avoid being surprised by an opponent in an unusual position. More details in our article on crosshair placement.

Play CS:GO

If that was not clear in the previous paragraphs, CS:GO is by far the closest game to Valorant. For want of playing Valorant non-stop, playing CS:GO as much as you can will allow you to be efficient as soon as you begin on Valorant. There are of course some differences in terms of gameplay or rhythm, but overall, the feelings remain very close and the good players of Counter-Strike naturally feel very comfortable on the Riot Games’ FPS.

Learn to know Valorant

The different sections of our site will learn you the essentials while waiting to experience it on your own. We invite you to learn the maps and the names of the different zones, to discover the agents and their spells, to stay up to date about patches, as well as watching a maximum of streams to immerse yourself in the game and its rhythm.

Finally, we invite you to browse the Progress in Valorant section, which includes many tips and advices that are also useful for other games.