How to unlock the Agents of Valorant

Valorant Agents are the elements to unlock in priority in the Riot Game’s FPS. Without them, your game strategies are bound to be limited. Only 5 of them are playable when you launch the game for the first time (Brimstone, Jett, Phoenix, Sage and Sova). The others have to be unlocked in two different ways.

Unlock your first 2 Agents

When you play Valorant for the first time, you have a series of missions to unlock a few basic items. Steps 5 and 10 allow you to unlock the Agent of your choice.

Valorant Mission Unlock Agents

Think carefully before choosing the champions you will unlock this way, as the other champions will be more difficult to unlock. You can try your hand at all champions of the game by starting a game in Training mode. Find the ones that best suit your gameplay and taste.

Unlock Agents with contracts

Once you have unlocked your first two Agents, you will be able to opt for Agent Contracts. Through the Collection tab, then to the Agents tab, you will see a series of mission to complete for each Agent. The majority of them will ask you to accumulate experience during your games.

Valorant Agents Unclock Contracts

Click on the ACTIVATE button on the page of the agent you want to unlock and all the experience you will again in game will go into this Agent’s contract (regardless of the Agent you play). By reaching and ending the 5th tier of the Agent contract, you will unlock them.

To help you decide which Agent to unlock first, we advise you to see Valorant Agents presentations.