How to unlock the Agents of Valorant

The Agents of Valorant are, of course priority items to be unblocked in Riot Games' FPS. Without them, your game strategies are bound to be more limited. Only 5 of them are playable when you launch the game for the first time (Brimstone, Jett, Phoenix, Sage and Sova). The others have to be unlocked in two different ways.

Unlock your first 2 Agents

When you play Valorant for the first time, you'll be given a series of missions to learn the basics. Levels 5 and 10 of the welcome contract allow you to unlock the Agent of your choice for free.

You'll get an Agent for free when you reach level 5 of the Valorant welcome contract.
You'll get an Agent for free when you reach level 10 of the Valorant welcome contract.

Think carefully before choosing the champions you will unlock this way, as the other champions will be more difficult to unlock. You can try your hand at all champions of the game by starting a game in Training mode. Find the ones that best suit your gameplay and taste.

Unlock Agents with Agent events

Initially, you could unlock the various Agents in Valorant by completing a certain number of levels in the contracts associated with them. However, since patch 7.00, the progression system has been completely overhauled and the developers have reworked the way Agents are unlocked.

From now on, when a new Agent is available in Valorant, you can acquire it using its recruitment event. It lasts 28 days and works like a sort of mini-battle pass. Over this period, you gain experience with each game you play, as well as when you complete missions. The experience points you gain help the pass to progress, and once you've reached your quota, you get the Agent in question for free for good.

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Buy Agents

If you haven't had time to collect enough experience before the end of the recruitment event, don't panic, there's another way to unlock the Agent you're after. You can simply buy it using the game's various currenciesKingdom credits or Valorant Points.

This method also makes it possible to unlock old agents. Alternatively, if you don't want to wait until the end of the recruitment event, you can just as easily buy a newly added Agent instantly.

The Agents list lets you see how much you need to spend to unlock them.

Kingdom loans have been added to Valorant with patch 7.00. This currency can be obtained by playing games, completing daily missions or reaching certain levels. Combat Pass. As for Valorant PointsThis is an older currency, which you obtain in exchange for real money. You need to go through the dedicated shop to add some to your virtual wallet.

In both cases, the purchase is made in the same way. Go to the Characters tab, then select the Agent you are interested in. Click on the Recruit button and choose the payment method you prefer. Whichever character you're targeting, you'll need to pay 1000 VP or 8000 Kingdom Credits.

You can buy Agents in Valorant with different virtual currencies.

If you don't have enough Valorant Points - as in the photo above - the game will automatically redirect you to the dedicated shop if you click Buy.

To help you decide which Agent to unlock first, we advise you to see Valorant Agents presentations.