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How to set your sensitivity in Valorant

Before throwing yourself body and soul into Valorant or any other FPS such as CS:GO, finding your perfect sensitivity is mandatory. A lifelong quest for some players who change their settings over and over again and very often take bad reflexes. We are going to help you on how to find the best possible sensitivity once and for all!

Convert your sensitivity

First thing to know about Valorant: it is easy to find a sensitivity similar to the one you’re used to in other games. Find below the different multipliers to convert your settings from Counter-Strike, Apex Legends, Rainbow Six or even Overwatch.

Valorant sensitivity will be equal to your sensitivity in:

  • CS:GO or Apex divided by 3.18181818
  • R6S multiplied by 1,2
  • OW divided by 10,6

Note that Valorant’s FOV (field of vision) is not exactly the same as in the other games aforementioned, so your feelings will be slightly different.

Mistakes to avoid

Let’s quickly talk about the main mistakes made by the majority of players:

  • Copy the pros’ settings: there is no ideal value, valid for everyone. The right sensitivity is the one that suits YOU, with the most natural movements possible.
  • Maximise the DPI: increasing the DPI (Dots per Inch) artificially increases the pointer speed by multiplying the distance actually traveled by the mouse, which makes it a true enemy of precision. Set your mouse to 400 or 800 DPI, no need to go above. Also remember to set the refresh rate (Polling) of your mouse to 1000hz in order to maximize its reactivity.
  • Change your sensitivity regularly: NO. Once a comfortable sensitivity is found, the pointer should become an extension of your arm by training your muscle memory. For this, there is no secret, you must get used to it and therefore never change it.
  • Forget about mouse acceleration: Windows has an option that accelerates the speed of mouse according to the speed at which you move it. The faster you move, the more the sensitivity increases, a hell for precision in a video game. You must disable this option by going to the mouse settings and unchecking “improve pointer precision”.

So how to find the right setting?

A few exercises will help you find your sensitivity once and for all.

  1. Take a landmark and move around while trying to hold your crosshair over it, with a smooth and bumps free movement. We illustrate here with Valorant but it works on any FPS.
  2. Then go to the Shooting Test Range in Valorant. Take a weapon such as Vandal or Phantom and setup (F3) as follows:
    • Speed: doesn’t matter
    • Bots Armor: Off
    • Infinite Ammo: On
    • DON’T shoot on “START”

At the beginning, the best technique is to choose two bots that are a bit far apart and kill them in a quick mouse motion (one or two bullets, not more, aiming at the head). Repeat the exercise for a few minutes and adjust your sensitivity according to your feelings. If you tend to stop your crosshair too late, reduce it a little. Conversely, if your crosshair stops most of the time too early, it means that you lack a little sensitivity.

  1. Still in the shooting range, now fire “START” and do the exercise until the end. Keep in mind to notice your mistakes to adjust your sensitivity. No need to start at the highest difficulty when you’re doing it: you’re working on your precision, not on your reaction time.

Once these different exercises are done, you should have found your comfort setting. From there, NEVER. CHANGE. AGAIN. Never, even on bad days. You need to get used to this setting and help your muscles remember it. Nothing could be simpler: play, whether in the shooting range or in regular games.

Pro’s sensitivity

If you still want to have a benchmark, the overwhelming majority of professional players of CS:GO (very close to Valorant) plays with a sensitivity between 1.75 and 3.5 for 400 DPI or between 0.75 and 1.75 for 800 DPI. In both cases, the sensitivity in Windows is set to 6 (in the middle). Once converted in Valorant, we have:

  • Between 0,47 and 1,1 for 400 DPI
  • Between 0,23 and 0,55 for 800 DPI

These are relatively low sensitivities to maximize accuracy.

You know everything about the subject! We invite you now to work on your aim! That’s a piece of luck, we actually have a guide to improve your aim.