What is the Post-Plant in Valorant? with Akumaaaaa

If you watch Valorant competitions, it is likely that you have already heard of the post-plantwithout really understanding how the game is played. this crucial phase in a round. Look no further in this guide, AKUMAAAAA explains everything you need to know about it.

What is post-planting?

We talk about post-plant when the attacking team manages to take over a site and plant the Spike. The actual post-planting corresponds to the entire period after the Spike was initiated. During a match, each round is different and therefore does not necessarily include this post-plant phase. It is possible that the Defence is strong enough not to give up any sites, or that one of the two teams is eliminated before the Spike has been laid.

At the beginning of the round, the Attack must eliminate the opposing team or plant the Spike, while the Defence seeks to protect the sites or to bring down all its opponents. When the Spike is planted, the focus of both teams is reversed. "On the attacking side, the post-planting phase is a defensive phase, during which they must prevent the enemies from disarming the Spike at all costs, in order to win the round. explains AKUMAAAAA, "The defenders, on the other hand, will be looking to regain the upper hand to take over the site and prevent the Spike from exploding. If the Defence does not have time to stop the explosion, even after eliminating the entire opposing team, the Attack wins the point.

Example of a post-plant phase in Valorant
AKUMAAAAA has started to defuse the Spike!

Getting the Spike right is essential

The way in which the teams will negotiate the Post-Plant, depends on where the Spike will be started. Because getting the Spike right is good, but getting it right is even better. What is meant by plant correctly ? According to AKUMAAAAA, "It is considered that the plant is a good plant as long as the Spike is widely exposed. The more lines of sight attackers have on the Spike, the easier it will be for them to protect it. With an increasing number of angles to check, defenders find it difficult to try and retake the site: it becomes more complex to defuse the Spike in time.

However, it is not always easy to plant the Spike as we would like, for various reasons. It is therefore very important to communicate with your teammates to determine whether or not it is possible to plant right away. Sometimes it may be better to wait a few seconds to be sure that the Spike can be safely placed. "If your team finds itself cornered on site, because defenders are regaining the lead too quickly, it will be far more relevant to look for kills before trying to plant."

How to play the post-plant?

As mentioned earlier in this guide, when the Spike is planted, the focus of the teams differs: the Attack defends and the Defence attacks. In both cases, the pressure mounts as the clock ticks.

In the post-plant phase, the attackers will protect the SpikeIf the Spike is well planted, the remaining players must divide their lines of sight to gain efficiency (it is not advisable to group in the same area). If the Spike is well planted, the remaining players must divide the lines of sight to gain efficiency (it is not advisable to group in the same area). Attack does not need to play aggressively. It has many ways of doing this to buy time and keep defenders at bay. For example, smoke bombs can block certain accesses, while molys thrown at the Spike can make it difficult or impossible to disarm. Attackers can also use flashbulbs to make it easier to eliminate someone trying to defuse the Spike. says AKUMAAAAA. It is also possible to send a player in the back of the enemies, a flanker, to make their task even more delicate.

Before starting to defuse, defenders must reclaim the lost site. It is best that they make sure that no opponent is still hidden in a corner. "To facilitate the recovery of the site, they too can use the remaining capabilities. In particular, they will be able to block the most commonly held lines of sight with a smoke, to force attackers to show themselves or make noise." However, utilities launched on site without communication will not do any good. It's all about teamwork and cohesion. " By coordinating each other's actions and sharing information, you are more likely to win. You will also save a lot of time, which becomes essential when it comes to avoiding the explosion of the Spike.

Example of a post-plant

To get a better idea of how the post-planting phase works during a round, we suggest you watch the following part:

You now have all the keys to a better understanding of the functioning and importance of post-planting. To learn more about how Valorant works, please refer to our dedicated guides. We wish you a good game!