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All Valorant gunbuddies

The lucky charms, or gunbuddy in Valorant, are little trinkets to hang on your guns. This is a way to customise your equipment discreetly. Gunbuddies bring no tactical or stastitic advantage and are purely cosmetic. They can be attached to any weapon and are independent of skins.

A gunbuddy can attached to two different weapons. To do so, go to the "COLLECTION" menu and then in "Arsenal". By clicking on the weapon of your choice, you can choose the "Buddies" menu and equip them.

Here's the list of lucky charms VALORANT available and how to unlock them. Some are free, while others have to be unlocked via the Premium Battle Pass of Valorant.

Hammer Time Buddyvalorant-gunbuddy-1-hammerReach Tier 6 of the contract of Breach
Bullet Buddyvalorant-gunbuddy-2-bullet[BATTLE PASS PREMIUM] Reach Tier 37 of the Ignition: Act 1
Closed Beta Coin Buddyvalorant-gunbuddy-3-closedbeta-pieceHaving participated in Valorant Closed Beta
Blast Pin Buddyvalorant-gunbuddy-4-pinReach Tier 6 of the contract of Raze
EP 1 2020 Coin Buddyvalorant-gunbuddy-5-ep1-coin[FREE] End Tier 10 of Ignition: Act 1
Crate Buddyvalorant-gunbuddy-6-box[BATTLE PASS PREMIUM] Reach Tier 7 of the Ignition: Act 1
Radianite Crate Buddyvalorant-gunbuddy-7-radianite-box[BATTLE PASS PREMIUM] Reach Tier 44 of the Ignition: Act 1
Donut Buddyvalorant-gunbuddy-8-donut[BATTLE PASS PREMIUM] Reach Tier 23 of the Ignition: Act 1
Ascent Rising Buddyvalorant-gunbuddy-9-ascentrising[BATTLE PASS PREMIUM] Reach Tier 47 of the Ignition: Act 1
White Hat Buddyvalorant-gunbuddy-10-white-hatReach Tier 6 of the contract of Cypher
Owl Charm Buddyvalorant-gunbuddy-11-owlReach Tier 6 of the contract of Sova
Prime Buddyvalorant-gunbuddy-12-primordialBuy the Prime skins pack in the store
GL Have Cat Buddyvalorant-gunbuddy-13-glhavecat[BATTLE PASS PREMIUM] Reach Tier 2 of the Ignition: Act 1
Valorant Coin Buddyvalorant-gunbuddy-14-Valorant-coinReach Tier 6 of the missions to unlock agents
Venom Vial Buddyvalorant-gunbuddy-15-fiole-toxinReach Tier 6 of the contract of Viper
Hot Bling Buddyvalorant-gunbuddy-16-golden-sunReach Tier 6 of the contract of Phoenix
Pizza Buddyvalorant-gunbuddy-17-pizza[BATTLE PASS PREMIUM] Reach Tier 33 of the Ignition: Act 1
Radianite Crystal Buddyvalorant-gunbuddy-18-radianite-crystal[FREE] End Tier 30 of Ignition: Act 1
Dog Tags Buddyvalorant-gunbuddy-19-identityReach Tier 6 of the contract of Brimstone
Cheesed Buddyvalorant-gunbuddy-20-cheese[BATTLE PASS PREMIUM] Reach Tier 14 of the Ignition: Act 1
Radianite Orb Buddyvalorant-gunbuddy-21-radianite-orbReach Tier 6 of the contract of Sage
Toaster Buddyvalorant-gunbuddy-22-toaster[FREE] End Tier 45 of Ignition: Act 1
Soul Capsule Buddyvalorant-gunbuddy-23-soul-capsuleReach Tier 6 of the contract of Reyna
Grim Delight Buddyvalorant-gunbuddy-24-souvenir-sinisterReach Tier 6 of the contract ofOmen
Pocket Knife Buddyvalorant-gunbuddy-25-knife-pocketReach Tier 6 of the contract of Jett