ZeratoR and JLTomy from Joblife battle it out on Valorant

This Tuesday evening, April 25th, two great figures of the French Twitch, ZeratoR and JLTomywill face each other in a merciless battle on Valorantthe FPS from Riot Games. As captains, they have selected comrades to fight alongside them and make the best and most entertaining team. This confrontation promises to be a lot of fun to watch!

Both are Valorant FPS enthusiasts, ZeratoR and JLTomy have their own sports team in the French circuit. The first launched Mandatory a little over a year ago now, while the latter only joined the competitive scene than at the end of last year.

Tonight, no Akumaaaaa, Goaster, SoOn or MARCTYLINHO in sight, but other well known personalities. If they count on their respective players to lift the League trophy, they will play their match without them... Well, almost!

The players recruited by ZeratoR :

  • HyP - Professional player for Mandatory, he is also the Captain of the team! With his big brain, he will surely propose incredible strategies.
  • Jbzz - A full-time Streamer, he is a Valorant expert, specialising more particularly in Raze. It's going to be a blast on the battlefield!
  • Kenny - A multigaming streamer, he invites you to follow his exploits on games as varied as Trackmania, Minecraft, Diablo IV and Rocket League.
  • Gius - As a video content creator and sports addict, he enjoys live fitness sessions, as well as frenetic games on Valorant, Wartales or You Suck At Parking.

The players selected by JLTomy :

  • Roden - A professional player for Joblife, he is an excellent Initiator. He is versatile, and will be able to put his know-how as a Breach or KAYO at the service of this one-night team.
  • Kada and Mowra - Between Valorant, League of Legends, Roblox or Rocket League, these two members of Joblife make you live funny moments on Twitch.
  • Wati - As a multigaming streamer, he brings you live his frenzied games of Valorant and takes you on his adventures on Uncharted.

To follow this anthology match and to vibrate with the participants, go to the Twitch channel of one of the captains from 8pm.