Wingobear unveils the Poule Party on Trackmania

After several months of hard work, the streamer Wingobearwell known for its Twitch content on Trackmania and his various contributions to ZLANrevealed the Poule Party. It's a weekly event on his favourite game, designed to be fun and communal.

Between training sessions for ZeratoR's Ascension tournamentcasts of the Trackmania Grand League 2023 for Team BDS and the regular live hours, Wingobear doesn't waste a minute. Alongside all the other things that keep him busy on a daily basis, the content creator has been preparing a major project in secret... As I mentioned earlier on its channelis the He called it "the biggest project of his life on Twitch".

After having teased last weekand several times over the last few days, the streamer finally revealed its Poule Party projecta weekly competition in which all members of its community are invited to take part. Although it is indeed a form of tournament, the latter is not designed for performanceIt's all about having fun, enjoying yourself and meeting other players.

This project is the result of Wingobear's desire to spend more time with the people who follow him on a daily basis: "There is one watchword for 2023 on my channel, and that is the desire to create projects that bring us together, you, the members of my community, and myself"..

According to the information available on the official Poule Party websiteThere will be ten different teams, including Team Raisin, Team Kiwi and Team Banane. Eventually, there should be more teams. Although anyone can take part, the number of slots will be limited and may even vary from week to week. So you'll need to be quick to get your slot. Those selected will be randomly allocated to different teams of five.

Once the teams have been formed, the players will compete for around forty-five minutes on 5 totally unique cardsspecially designed for the current event. You can also propose your own cardsThey have to meet two criteria: they can't last much longer than 40s and all levels, even beginners, must be able to complete them.

Every Sunday from noon

Randomly selected teams of five

Five new cards for each event

As far as the format is concerned, the Poule Party should work with a seasonal system. For the moment, the total length of a season has not been fixed, but Wingobear said in a stream that it should be around six months. The first edition will kick off at this Sunday 2 July. If you'd like to take part, all you have to do is log on to the dedicated server just before midday!