You can now create Stories on Twitch

Announced at TwitchCon Paris, Stories are now available on Twitchjust a few days before TwitchCon Vegas. The feature allows all Twitch users to share photos or clips with their followers.

Stories are not only available on the mobile applicationWhether you are a creator or consumer of this type of content. To create a Story, simply press the "Create" button at the top right of the application to access the streaming interface, then press the "Create" button in the centre of the screen at the bottom and validate the type of content (in this case, "Stories").

For the moment, unlike most networks such as Instagram, you can't shoot a short video sequence to share it. You have to make do with a still image from your phone or a Twitch clipto which you add text and emotes from your channel.

You can now create Stories on Twitch - mandatory news twitch stories 01 -
You can now create Stories on Twitch - mandatory news twitch stories 02 -

On the viewer's side, Stories appear at the top of the list of channels followed when you launch the Twitch application. For the rest, it works in much the same way as Instagram and all the other applications that use this concept.

The question is: does this feature have a place on Twitch?

It's hard to say at the moment, as the option is so limited. Most streamers use Stories to show their daily lives or to announce that they're live. Showing your daily life is less interesting when you can't film yourself in the moment, which is still rather strange for a platform like Twitch... (But this could raise serious questions about moderation).

And announcing that you're live is a handy way of bringing users from other platforms to Twitch, but people who are already on Twitch can see who is already live or not. If all live streamers start to warn each other that they are launching a stream via Stories, this feature will be virtually indistinguishable from the list of channels they follow.

On the other hand, used for highlight specific clipsThis would allow users to have at their fingertips a sort of best-of of all the streamers they follow. But this would require curation work by the streamers themselves and another tool/social network to manage.

In the end, we'll have to wait and see how users take to this feature.

Lately, however, the various networks seem to be trying to offer an equivalent of what the others are doing, without it actually working. To take just one example, the popularity of TikTok led to the creation of Shorts on YouTube and the promotion of clips on Twitch. But when everyone wants to do everything, you kind of lose the essence of what people came to our platform for in the first place.