A first Twitch Rivals on MultiVersus

MultiVersus has been officially released for a fortnight now. Popular with many fighting game fans, the title has also won the hearts of new players. The competitive scene is already being set up, and the first tournaments are appearing. Twitch Rivals is now offering 2v2 competitions in different regions of the world, with a launch this Wednesday 31 August.

The Twitch Rivals are invitational competitionsThese tournaments bring together several content creators from the Twitch platform. These tournaments take place on games as diverse as Apex Legends, Mario Kart 8 Deluxeor Minecraft, to name but a few.

With the start of MultiVersus season 1, Twitch Rivals has decided to launch its own 2 vs 2 tournaments. For this first edition, the organisation is going all out and offering three tournamentsone per region: EMEA, NA and LATAM. Within each of these tournaments, sixteen duos will compete for the title and the cashprize of 25,000 $.

In the EMEA region, France will be represented by several duos, including Gotaga and Starswhich should play Jakethe famous dog from Adventure Time. Other teams include the duo Jiraya and Xariwhich are already live for a final training with the bloody fight, just like Skyyart and Doigby.

To follow this clash and support our French, go to the Twitch Rivals channel from 6pm.