She finishes Elden Ring one-handed on Twitch

SoulsBorne always offers more crazy records than the others, and Elden Ring is no exception. Some finish the game without taking any damage, others like Dan Gheesling died more than 7000 times to complete the game. In order to push the difficulty even further, the streamers innovate again and again. For example, MissMikkaa has set itself the goal of finishing Elden Ring at level 1, but especially with one hand!

You will easily agree that completing Elden Ring is no easy task. So imagine controlling your controller with only one hand The challenge seems completely crazy, doesn't it? But this is the challenge that MissMikkaa has set herself.

With one hand buried deep in a Twitch sock, the streamer embarked on an epic adventure. The other hand rested entirely on the joystick. Each action was meticulously thought out, since it was his palm that allowed him to move!

If you have tried your luck in the realm of the Underworld, you may have encountered the terrible Malenia, sword of Miquellaone of the optional bumps. If this is the case, you will have no trouble understanding that MissMikkaa, who remained on level 1, needed a few attempts to take her down. It was only after about 290 attempts that the streamer was successful. She did not hide her joy when she finally succeeded.

Among all the bumps she encountered on her way were Maliketh, the ebony blade. Although this is one of the most agile and difficult bumps in the Elden Ring, MissMikkaa has managed to bring him to his knees without taking a single blow. Of course, this was not her first try, but as she said at the end of the fight, it was a very clean fight and we take our hats off to her!

Whoever wishes to complete the Elden Ring mustshoot down Radagon and Elden Beast. For those who don't know, these two bosses are consecutive, since Elden Beast appears as soon as Radagon is defeated. Despite this, she remained focused until the end, dodging the attacks of the final boss with brio, before delivering the fatal blow. "We did it! Elden Beast deleted "These are beautiful words to conclude this intense and heroic ordeal.

Despite this imposed handicap, she managed to overcome 53 game bumps. In total, it took more than 70 hours Once again, hats off to you! The fight against Elden Beast marked the end of the first chapter of the Bandai Namco game. While this challenge already required a good dose of skill, MissMikkaa has already started writing the next chapter: finish Elden Ring with a dance mat. The least we can say is that it doesn't look easy at all; nevertheless, the streamer does quite well. Just look at that!

To follow the adventure live, go to the cTwitch channel of MissMikkaa.