All the Pétanque Explorer duos from McFly and Carlito

After the GP Explorerthis is Pétanque Explorer ! What started out as a joke is fast becoming the biggest event dedicated to the discipline in France. The tournament, organised by the Youtubeurs McFly and Carlitowill be bringing together a number of web celebrities for an afternoon of bowling in Nice's Jardin Albert 1er.

The genesis of Pétanque Explorer

This isn't the first time that content creators have taken petanque and brought it to life. Last year, Ponce organised Live Pétanque at the Frames Web Video Festival, a game of boules in the company of Rivenzi, Etoiles, Charlie Danger, Mister MV and Feldup. While this programme undoubtedly allowed many people to (re)discover pétanque, McFly & Carlito's forthcoming event will put the sport in the spotlight even more!

In fact, the genesis of the tournament is a rather funny story. If you follow Twitch Game in French, you'll no doubt have heard about it. GP Explorerthe Formula 4 race between streamers organised by Squeezie. After the second edition, McFly sent a text message to Carlito in the middle of the night, with an original idea: create a huge petanque tournamentwhich would be called Pétanque Explorer, in reference to the famous GP.

All the Pétanque Explorer duos from McFly and Carlito - mandatory news twitch game petanque explorer message -
It all started with a simple text message...

The machine is launched! Carlito presents the idea live and it was clear: the concept was popular and the hype was growing. At the same time, the two friends discovered that Thomas Deseurone of Amixem's acolytes, had a similar idea when their community sent them its Pétanque Explorer visual. At this stage, the joke is starting to take on a life of its own... Squeezie still had to give his approval to "parody" his concept and name.

Date and venue of the Pétanque Explorer

  • Pétanque Explorer - 22 June - Jardin Albert 1er, Nice - From 12pm to 11pm - Sold out

After obtaining the appropriate authorisations, the two Youtubers worked hard, in the greatest silence, to offer a unique tournament and make their joke a reality. The Pétanque Explorer was made official several days agoin a video posted on their YouTube channel.

The event will take place on 22 Juneat the Jardin Albert 1er in Nice. A total of eight duetsmade up of web celebrities, will battle it out under the watchful eye of Doigbywho was on hand to comment on the games. Not surprisingly, Thomas Deseur, who was closely involved in the genesis of the project, was invited to take part in the competition, along with Amixem.

McFly and Carlito have made it clear that although this was initially a joke, the aim is to offer a serious tournament that respects sport. We can therefore expect some wild games, especially as the two acolytes have been trained by professionals in the field.

Look no further, all 2,300 seats are gone in just a few moments when the ticket office opens. However, you will still be able to watch the event live on the organisers' chain.

Pétanque Explorer participants

The Pétanque Explorer will bring together no less than sixteen Internet personalities around a rather original discipline, namely pétanque ! And let's face it, the cast promises a great show and a very enjoyable afternoon.

All the participants in the McFly & Carlito Pétanque Explorer

All Doubles

Duo 1 - McFly & Carlito

Duo 2 - Thomas Deseur & Amixem

Duo 3 - Natoo & Gaëlle Garcia Diaz

Duo 4 - Baghera & Maghla

Duo 5 - Grimkujow & Terracid

Duo 6 - Freddy Gladieux & Aurélien Prévaux

Duo 7 - Djilsi & Joyca

Duo 8 - Maxime Biaggi & Elian