Toque Chef, Domingo's culinary competition returns to Twitch

Although Domingo is now known for his sports projects, such as l'Échappée or the recent 3v3 ContestHe has also made a name for himself with Twitch shows far from the pitch, such as Popcorn and Toque Chef. In each edition, this culinary competition brings together several pairs of content creators, who try to amaze the taste buds of a strict jury, who are obviously qualified for the job, by preparing various dishes. This new edition will take place Wednesday 17 May.

The first edition of Toque Chef, dating from 2018, was a real success, so much so that Domingo has renewed the show twice. It will be remembered that Laink & Terracid had dethroned Jiraya & Xari, the winning team of the first two productions. After a year's absence, the famous cooking contest is back on Twitch with new faces.

As usual, Toque Chef brings together four duets and this year again, the line-up is very nice. Here is the list of participants:

  • Team 1 - Maghla and Linca
  • Team 2 - Jiraya and Tomy
  • Team 3 - Baghera and LittleBigWhale
  • Team 4 - Maxime Biaggi and Grim

However, not every project is bound to be completely identical from one year to the next. That's why Domingo has already annona change in the format of the competition. While the duets were previously split into two semi-finals, this year they will compete directly in 1v1v1v1The competition will take place in four qualifying rounds. At the end of this preliminary stage, the two best will face each other in the iconic The Chef's recipe.

To find out which duo will win the famous Toque Chef trophy live, go to Domingo's Twitch channel Wednesday 17 May, starting at 8pm.