ZEvent 2022 Streamer Goals Donations

The ZEvent 2022 takes place from 9 to 12 September and, as usual, the various streamers invited to the event have planned a whole series of Donation Goals.

Goal Donations are pledges made by streamers when a donation level is reached. Everyone sets different amounts in their personal pledges and each amount corresponds to an activity or commitment to the community. These goals motivate spectators to donate to various associations and have been a Z Event tradition for years now. Past activities have ranged from a sober reading of Le Temps des Tempêtes by MisterMV to a Montpellier - Marseille bike ride by Kamet0 and Kotei.

But with nearly 60 streammers, it's pretty hard to keep track of everyone's goals. Fortunately, that's where the InGDocs come in! The InGDocs is an independent collective of Excel and statistics enthusiasts who take their time to track and compile a lot of information about the Z Event (and other major French stream events), including the famous donation goals of the different streamers. The following list is the result of their research work.

The list on our site will never be as responsive and dynamic as their site, so if the event has already started by the time you read this, we recommend to visit their website.

ZeratoR's Donation Goals

If you want to see ZeratoR play the Lyon Esport on Valorant, or clean up a city with him, you'll have to climb the ladder of his donation goals. In addition, he's committed to planting a ZEvent forest somewhere in France, bringing in audiences for upcoming Mandatory games, or organizing a giant LAN with over 2500 players. This is going to be huge!

Ultimate goal for €10,000,000: He tweeted that the ZEvent was not "a flop" after all.

Alexclick's Donation Goals

For this edition, Alexclick is proposing various and varied donation goals. From flamingo cosplay to projects with the LPO, from organising a softball match to an outdoor role-playing game, there is plenty to do. In addition, every €10,000, Alexclick will enjoy a new Jelly Belly Bean!

Ultimate goal for 999,999 euros : He parachutes over an erupting volcano... but without a parachute.

AngleRight's Goals Donations

This year, AngleDroit's Goals Donations revolve around the animal world and the environment. He will go on a road cleaning trip, photograph animals with a professional, learn about environmental law, or even climb mountains. But to do this, you have to reach the different levels!

Ultimate goal for €200,000: AngleDroit is shooting a video in the open sea, with an association specialised in the protection of cetaceans and/or marine fauna.

AlphaCast's Donation Goals

This year, in addition to some culinary goals, Alpha's Donation Goals are focused on sports and more specifically on boxing! At different levels, Alpha will put on the gloves with his coach and go to fight Lynkus and Poca.

Ultimate goal for €3 million: Shave your head and eat as much as possible every day for a year, stop playing sports and streaming, and become a pro Overwatch 2 player

The Goals Donations of Antoine Daniel

To admire the fan-arts of different streamers, made with Paint, you'll have to visit Antoine Daniel's channel. The YouTuber also commits himself to become a V-Tuber again for 1 hour, alternating between the Fat JDG and the Skinny JDG. Antoine Daniel also offers to do a live from Japan Expo or another similar convention. It promises to be amazing!

Ultimate goal for €2 million: He leaks the address of JDG.

AVAmind Goals Donations

For its first Z Event, AVAmind decided to embrace the collective side of the event by inviting numerous streamers to participate in various activities. These include a make-up session with MasterSnakou for €16,000, a time capsule stream with Horty for €25,000 and participation in LittleBigWhale's highly anticipated karaoke.

Ultimate goal for €1 million: She returned to live in Montpellier.

The Baghera Goals Donations

Not all of her Donations Goals have been released yet, but for €10, Baghera will be singing at the Olympia.

Ultimate goal for €500,000: Stop using the private jet for a very short trip.

The Goals Donations of Berlu

Berlu's objectives are very scattered. If the milestones are reached, the streamer invites you to an IRL JDR party with old friends, or to his famous marble GP. In line with the ZEVENT theme, Berlu will organise an environmental stream or perhaps go on a quest to climb the diagonal of the void.

Ultimate goal for €100,013: It's time for the match: ASPTT Chaumont will face FC Streamers.

Blitzstream's Donation Goals

As you might expect, Blitz's donation goals revolve almost exclusively around chess. Whether it's participation in tournaments, showmatch or tierlist of the best moves, aficionados will have plenty to do.

Ultimate goal for €125,000: He is cycling the Alpe d'Huez.

Bob Lennon's Goals Donations

If you want Bob Lennon to return to the sport, you can do so by donating goals. On top of that, he will offer you to watch the complete Starship Genius or to admire his many special t-shirts. If you are strong, he will even force ZeratoR to wear one...

Ultimate goal for 2 million and 1 euro: He takes the money back for himself.

The Goals Donations of Bren

Not too surprisingly, the KCorp player's Donation Goals touch on Trackmania. Infernal map hunts, YouTube tutorials and World Records are on the agenda, but that's not all... Maybe he'll take on Rocket League.

Ultimate goal for €150,000: He finally wins the Trackmania Grand League.

CaMaK's Donation Goals

FailyDeath and FailyV fans, hang on... CaMaK might shut them down for a while during ZEVENT. Rest assured, there will be another level that will allow them to return. The Streamer's Goals Donations may lead him to exercise (HARDCORE) during the event or to grow a moustache for a year, in addition to participating in solidarity actions. It promises to be great!

Ultimate goal for 151,120 euros: Wipe the FailyV database in 2023 (it's to save the planet).

Goals Donations from Chap

Cleaning up a beach with The Sea Cleaners, playing no-holds-barred games to master Shaco OTP, creating his own esports structure, that's what Chap proposes in his ZEvent Donation Goals. He is also ready to put his life on the line by attending an OL match wearing an ASSE shirt... That's courage in the raw!

Ultimate goal for €500,000: He clashes with Booba on Twitter.

The Chowh Goals Donations1

Chowh1 offers you many Donation Goals. After 4 minutes of sleeving with Alpha, he'll go fight another streamer for 5 minutes. The ZEvent is also a time to have fun, so why not have a Karaoke with LittleBigWhale or a Make-up session with Jeel? Chowh1 is obviously thinking about the environment and will gladly go clean up a beach with subscribers.

Ultimate goal for €1 million: He plays heart catcher on Warzone

DFG Goals Donations

DFG's goals are once again very broad. They range from drinking strange sodas, to organising a one-man show, to passing the baccalaureate, to fighting or coaching on different games. For his sake, we hope he doesn't reach the ultimate sum.

Ultimate goal for €5 million: He drives from Marseille to Paris in an (electric) car and you can see how long it takes for him to be arrested because he doesn't have a licence.

The Doigby Donation Goals

If you want to see Doibgy with coloured hair, in a SUPERDOIG costume during a live IRL event, or in a Superman costume, you'll have to raise his fund. Among other Donation Goals, he proposes to work a day in a kabob, to the delight of his subscribers, and to go clean a beach or organize a multi-sports competition. It's going to be epic!

Ultimate goal for €100,000: It makes a Tier-list of streameaurs!

The Star Goals Donations

In his donation goals, Etoiles pledges to play live guitar, clean up a beach and a city, and let Dash do a bench press with his body. And if you want to see him cast the Summit in French, or make a lame joke to Samuel Etienne, you'll have to up the ante!

Ultimate goal for €1,000,000: He "redecorates" the Jbzz PC during the ZEvent.

The Goals Donations of Gius

The goals of Gius cover a wide range of activities. How about a live meditation session? How about a live cooking session? For the military history buffs, Gius even plans a vlog in the North. If all that isn't enough, wait until you see him in a Pizza Truck with ZeratoR.

Ultimate goal for €1,337,000: He tells the crazy story of his family.

ImSoFresh Goals Donations

The former pro-League of Legends guy is now more interested in TFT, so it's not unnatural to see these goals revolve around the Riot Games game. If you want to see an ASMR stream, a Rap or a structure battle on TFT, you know what you have to do.

Ultimate goal for €100,000: He goes on a trekking-bivouac with other bikers.

Jbzz Donation Goals

Valorant is of course at the centre of the Jbzz Donation Goals. Battle of Immortals against Irons, Guess My Rank with a streamer or a marathon of games, in duo with MoMaN... the weekend promises to be both epic and funny!

Ultimate goal for €50,000: He's organising an IRL paintball, live, with other streakers. Plus, there will be GoPro's and drones to film it all!

The Goals Donations of Jean Massiet

Jean has set goals that cover just about all his passions! From reading the IPCC, Flight Simulator sessions, skateboarding with Kenny or visiting the Elysée. The green run% on Democracy 4 is also likely to be a highlight.

Ultimate goal for €5 million: It stops global warming.

The Goals Donations of Jeel

For this ZEvent, Jeel is proposing objectives based on disguises and VLOGs. So if you want her to turn into Gandalf during the event or spend 24 hours in an igloo, you'll have to work your way up.

Ultimate goal for €100,000: It organises a week of live events in a destination chosen by the viewers during the ZEvent.

Jiraya's Goals Donations

There will be a lot of laughter and rumours on Jiraya's channel. Many of his goals will be achieved directly on site. On the program: Tier-list of the most beautiful skulls, React session of bad compilations, Bad jokes and Horror games with Domingo. It's going to be fun!

Ultimate goal for €100,000: He uploads, unlisted, the video in which he vomits into the silverstar

LeBouseuh's Goals Donations

This year again, LeBouseuh's goals are very diverse. The videographer will take you on Valorant, Rocket League, and Fortnite with Skyrroz. Outside of gaming, he offers sports goals with a few bike rides and a beach cleaning session. Also, if you want to see Sammuel Etienne drifting, there's only one thing left to do...

Ultimate goal for €100,000: Nantes match with Rennes jersey. That's courage!

Mister MV's Donation Goals

This year, his phone is an integral part of his Donation Goals. The goal: HYPER the ZEvent. Besides that, he intends to finish Zelda Breath Of The Wild during the weekend. As a side note, he's going to smash a trawler with Sea Shepherds.

Ultimate goal for €1 million: He will call Inoxtag to organise a passionate moment on the Webedia roof.

MoMaN's Goals Donations

In addition to a few defined goals, MoMaN will focus on a series of pledges this year. Most of its donation goals consist of a random draw for a challenge to be completed during the event. So anything can happen...

Ultimate goal for 102 391 euros : ZeratoR chooses the ultimate pledge.

Mynthos Goals Donations

Between television and artistic creation, Mynthos' goal donations will revolve around creation. Every 10 000€, he will paint different subjects, like Bill from the Bigdill or his famous Salamèche. The paintings will then be offered by lottery to the viewers of his stream.

Ultimate goal for 10 064 480 euros : Mynthos launches its NFT collection.

NBK's Donation Goals

For its Donation Goals, NBK offers you content focused on FPS, and more generally Counter Strike. Between the opening of crates and the 1v1 against CarlJr, there is enough to spend a good evening. But that's not all, if the goal is reached, he will launch his own podcast with pros!

Ultimate goal for 1 millioneuros : He won the CS:GO 2023 Major in Paris.

PapeSan's Goals Donations

PapeSan is ready to go on an adventure for your pleasure! His goal donations will take him to stream from Châtelet, to discover abandoned areas in Korea, to do a Tour de France or to travel around the USA for a month. Another goal, a simple formality, is to beat up Etoiles on Smash.

Ultimate goal for 1 millioneuros : He admits that One Piece is a better manga than Naruto (even if it's not true).

The Goals Donations of Ponce

The king of flowers is true to form: his donation goals revolve around challenges on Nintendo games and nature and flowers. He will commit to speedrun Super Mario Odyssey, clean up polluted areas or start a podcast on ecology.

Ultimate goal for 5 million of euros : He remains in Paris.

The Goals Donations of Rivenzi

Rivenzi's donation goals touch on a multitude of areas. The streamer is motivated to show you a good time, and proposes to demolish Pontius in wrestling, but also to fight Alpha with boxing gloves. Before calling for Breton independence, he'll be cleaning up beaches to save the planet, and taking part in epic races like the Spartian Race.

Ultimate goal for 500,000 euros : It calls for the independence of Brittany (yes, yes).

Shaunz' Donation Goals

As a co-creator of the Aegis team, Shaunz' donation goals are very important to TFT. He will then do coaching or duet sessions with different Z Event speakers. But other goals revolve around his famous moustache which divides his audience...

Ultimate goal for 1 million of euros : He adopts a viewer and becomes his father (he calls him daddy).

The Goals Donations of Shisheyu Mayamoto

Shisheyu's first Z Event is an opportunity to make many good decisions... as well as disastrous ones. While we salute his desire to stop eating his nails (he pledges to donate €10 to the pool for each nail eaten) or delete his Lost Ark account, he also pledges to stream for a week on VTube Globox.

Ultimate goal for 1 million of euros : It leaks the source code of the shisEngine.

SkyrrozTV Donation Goals

For this ZEvent, Skyrroz has a very long list of goals. He's committed to everything from dressing up as a dog, to doing a live cooking event to make tacos. Looking for a new controller? He'll be doing a few giveaways over the weekend. If the pool climbs, Skyrroz will even get a tattoo for the first time in his life. It's for a good cause!

Ultimate goal for 250,000 euros : He makes a red ass of himself with André-Pierre Gignac & Florian Thauvin.

Skyyart's Donation Goals

For this edition of the ZEvent, Skyyart offers a lot of close objectives, to have fun all weekend and beyond. He's committed to doing a constructive analysis of an episode of Les Marseillais, learning live code or discovering Just Dance. And if you want to see him join Danse avec les Stars, you know what you have to do!

Ultimate goal for 65,000 euros : It colours/decolours the hair according to the viewers' choice.

Solary's Goals Donations

The objectives of Solary are numerous and varied. Narkuss has some great activities in store for you and will, for example, propose a small Spike-Ball tournament during the ZEvent. He will also go on a secret mission to get hold of Skyyart's shoes. The structure is also committed to producing its own honey, because bees are so cool!

Ultimate goal for 300,000 : All the Millennium files told by Narkuss.

TPK's Donation Goals

TPK is back and with him, a new series of cosplays probably perfectly adapted to his morphology. The red thread of his donation goals is to stop drinking beer for a period of time depending on the amount of money collected.

Ultimate goal for 1 million of euros : He is organising a BeyBlade tournament for real.

Trinity's Donation Goals

Trinity is ready to get her hands dirty to save the planet. Disguised as a plastic bottle, she will be cleaning beaches with The SeaCleaner, and meeting with subscribers to clean up natural sites. She's also committed to creating a Vegan menu and cooking it for a weekend at Poca's restaurant. Yummy!

Ultimate goal for 500 000 euros : She stops saying loud.

Ultia's Goals Donations

On the Ultia side, the donations goals smell of Italy and cooking. There is a karaoke of Disney songs in Italian, on-air and off-air shows about cartoons and farm animals, as well as many food-related shows with guests.

Ultimate goal for 150,000 euros : She is organising an IRL Sims 4 Bingo tournament.

Uneed's Donation Goals

As a professional TFT player, Uneed will mainly focus his goals on the Riot game. He is therefore committed to coaching DFG up to Master level or organising duos or a TFT tournament.

Ultimate goal for 1 millioneuros : He's back to being a Hearthstone streamer.

The Xari Goals Donations

For this ZEvent, Xari is offering some rather varied donation goals. From a live chat with a tipsy Norman to a LeFast shop to a fitness session, there's plenty to do.

Ultimate goal for 1 millioneuros : He shaves his head.