The best of Twitch clips from the GTA RPZ party

Do you remember the server GTA RPZ launched from 21 April to 5 May 2021? For a fortnight, all streamers present at ZEvent 2020 were invited to participate in the event. Numerous stories were created, offering thousands of viewers incredible twists and turns. Each character was unique and had formed special bonds with the others.

On the occasion of the 1 year of GTA RPZA special party was therefore organised on Twitch on Wednesday 05 May. To celebrate, all the players were invited to Miguel's weddingBut not everything went exactly as planned. Here is a best-of of the best clips of the evening.

At the tail end

What better way to kick off the festivities than with a little queuleu? Miguel suggests and Fab follows, bringing the guests along for the ride.

See the channel of Ponce.

Running out of petrol? No problem!

Once the ceremony is over, all the guests meet at the Black Cat, one of the local bars. But Donatien, Lorenza, Gontran and Roy are tired of waiting at the airport for their driver to arrive. Donatien offers to drive them... until they run out of petrol on the road.

To solve the problem, Roy steals a car and comes up with a... special solution.

See the channel of AntoineDaniel.

A very strange compensation

Donatien arrives at the bar before anyone else. When Miguel and his cartel members arrive, they see that someone has smashed up the back of Donatien's car. Miguel assumes that they are members of his own gang who did not recognize Donatien's car.

Donatien plays surprised and grieving, then asks for financial compensation from his friend Miguel and his cartel. He will then receive cannabis bags, a condom, joints or even coke rails.

See the channel of AntoineDaniel.

And it's the rake

Meanwhile, Lorenza confesses her feelings to Tim. Unfortunately for her, he has discovered his homosexuality and therefore cannot respond to Lorenza's advances. Devastated, she goes to isolate herself from the party. But fortunately she can count on the support of her ex-boss and friend Donatien.

See the channel of Ultia.

Don't touch the drugs, kids

Tim has once again declared his love for Fab. Unfortunately, although Fab also has feelings for Tim, he tells him that he doesn't just love him. Desperate, Tim throws himself into the sea and is saved in extremis. However, faced with this act, Fab doesn't know how to react and decides to light up a joint which turns out to be... deadly.

See the channel of Ponce.

The light at the end of the tunnel

All the guests have decided to make a "parachute jump" animation in which Donatien is delighted to take part. Completely drunk, he joyfully jumps into the void but misses his landing a little.

See the channel of AntoineDaniel.

How are you doing Fab?

Recovering from his parachute fall, Donatien decides to go for a dip in the sea. Suddenly, he sees his friend Fab, who has had some difficulties after his parachute jump. As a diver pulls him to the beach to revive him, Fab suddenly disappears.

See the channel of AntoineDaniel.

Want to see something amazing?

While Fab has just succumbed to a deadly firecracker, Antoine decides to show something "incredible" to his cousin Daniel. But once again, things don't go quite as planned.

See the channel of BagheraJones.

Oh dear, there was a gust of wind!

Boyle takes Vanessa on an unconventional plane ride. Clinging to one of the plane's wings, she is in for an adventure she won't forget!

See the channel of MoMaN.

Yes hello it's karma

When Fab has just collapsed and is being resuscitated, Daniel is scolded by Vanessa for his very flowery language for his age. Uh, but... How old is he again? 17? 20?

See the channel of hortyunderscore.

That's it, it's already over! We had a good laugh during this evening and we hope there will be more in the future for even more laughs.