The best clips from ZEvent 2022

This year, the ZEvent 2022 brought together a large number of streammers around the well-being of the planet and ecology. After a crazy weekend, the total prize pool reached a new record, with 10 182 126 €This is just over €100,000 more than last year. During three days, all the guests offered varied content on their own channel, but also physical animations, for our great pleasure. We have compiled for you some of the best clips from the event.

A flower that has become legendary!

DJ DamDam is in the house

500m backstroke!

Menthos or Mynthos?

But yes, it's him, it's...

It meow, and you?

We want a complete album.

A little respect for the work of others

This man has too much strength

A little bit of exercise?

The famous ZEvent GIF


A real flop this ZEvent 2022

We also salute the commitment of all those involved in creating this incredible work on Z/Place. On the other hand, we take our hat off to all the Mandatory fans, who organized themselves all weekend on the Discord to create and maintain the Hammy Mascot !

ZEvent - Z/Place - Image
The creations on the z/place were incredible!
ZEvent - Z/Place - Hammy
Long live Hammy the Hammer!

To find all the clips from the ZEvent, you can go to the official page of the event.