AlphaCast's TableQuest : Tickets, Dates, Characters, Summary...

In 2021, the streamer AlphaCast has embarked on a new epic project with TableQuesta role-playing game in the universe of Dungeons and Dragons. After a great first season at the Grand Rex, and a multitude of adventures in the Forgotten Realms, JDG, Eventis, Troma, Ted, AvaMind and AlphaCast itself are back on duty. Under the direction of Lynkus, they will also be accompanied by ZeratoR and LittleBigWhale. In this article, we give you all the information you need about the tickets, dates and characters of the story.

Buy a ticket for TableQuest Season 2

While the evening will be broadcast on Twitch, you can also attend TableQuest live at the Palais des Congrès in Versailles. Approximately 1000 seats are available, at a price of 35€ each. Go to the official box office to purchase a ticket.

TableQuest Season 2 dates and times

The TableQuest event will take place 18 February 2023. The doors should open around 5.30 pm to facilitate the entry of all spectators. The game will begin around 7pm.

TableQuest characters

During Season 1 of TableQuest, viewers were able to discover six main charactersof different species with unique abilities. Here is the list of adventurers who are sure to return in season 2:

  • Alplayed by AlphaCast, is a comedian with an annoying tendency to get into debt all over the kingdom,
  • Ted Etienne is an improbably built half-elf from a wealthy family called Hook,
  • Eventis plays Eventura dwarf trader turned adventurer through a demonic pact,
  • JDG is an iconic figure, Kirkisa druid shifter who has had many adventures in the past,
  • Troma embodies...Troma. Protected by Kirkis, he lost his family in an Orc attack,
  • Avamind, for her part, took on the role of a manipulative sorceress, with the character of Minderia.

You can find all the character sheets on the official TableQuest website.

TableQuest Season 1 Summary

The adventure of the TableQuest heroes was initiated by Captain Darmin Zodge. They were recruited to get rid of the mysterious sect of the Three Evils. Their quest for information and answers led them first to the Dungeon of the Three Evils. There they met a man called Mortlockwho told them that her own mother, a duchess, was more than involved in the cult, as she was funding it.

They then set off for the Deafened Lantern, in search of AmrikMortlock's brother. On their way, the adventurers came across Minderia the enchantress, who joined the journey. If the initial plan to approach Amrik seemed easy, the reality was quite different. They had to fight the son of the duchess to get information from him. To continue their mission, they had to to the Villa Vanthampur.

Once inside the building, Al and his companions came face to face with a demon, which they defeated with the powers of the sorceress. A new encounter, with the monk Thavius Kreeg, was a crucial moment in Season 1. They discovered that the town of Elturel is in great danger, as acquired by the demonic Zariel. After a walk through the villa, they engaged in a fight with the last Vanthampur brother, Thurstwell. This confrontation resulted in the destruction of a large part of the building, as well as the discovery of the body of the duchess, signifying the end of the 3 Evil Sect. Back at the home of Captain Darmin Zodge, they received their reward and set off on their adventure.

In order to open a box stolen from the monk, Hook and his friends set off to CandleKeep, in search of Sylvia Savikas, an archmage, who could help them. After an infernal battle with a creature that swept Kirkis into a giant portal, they finally reached their destination. The famous Sylvia helped and put them in touch with Fumblean ogress, who has joined the troupe.

Their quest to save Elturel then took them down in Avernethe first dimension of the Underworld. In this new area, they had the chance to meet the master of the Walking Emporium, Mahadiwho revealed to them the location of the lost city, as well as the presence of their friend Kirkis. The journey to the city was halted by an epic battle with the diantrifuge Lucille, and marked by the appearance of Al's father, CredoIn a massive war machine.

The latter mentioned of a cube which could teleport them directly to Elturel, an object that became their new goal. The adventure continued without FumbleThey found Kirkis, who was attacked and disappeared during the fight. On the way, they found Kirkis, transformed into a cat, and acquired maps of Avernus from two taxidermists. A few adventures later, they managed to steal the famous cube from a huge sleeping creature. Once back at the Credo camp, Al and his company left for Elturel. Only time will tell what will become of them...

All VODs can be accessed directly on the Youtube channel AlphaReplay.

If you have not been able to get a ticket, or simply cannot make it to the venue, you can still follow the show on AlphaCast's Twitch channel.