Sylvain wins Squeezie's Explorer Grand Prix

The first edition of the Explorer Grand Prix took place this weekend, on Saturday 8 October. After an intense day and a great fight with Depielo during the race, Sylvainfrom the Vilebrequin chain, took the top step of the podium. Depielo came in second place. Etienne_Moustache took third place. This race was played out both individually and as a team. It was the Oscaro stablerepresented by Depielo and Valouzz, who took the lead in the overall ranking.

The Explorer Grand Prix is a success in many ways. With this event, Squeezie succeeded in breaking the French record for simultaneous viewers on a Twitch channel, reaching more than 1 041 000 people.

The fight for first place

Squeezie announced the Grand Prix Explorer last April, a crazy project in which 22 content creators were competing in a Formula 4 race. After several months of training, all these new drivers took to the track in a the Bugatti circuit in Le Manson Saturday 8 October.

The day got off to a great start with several test phasesThe purpose of the event was to determine the position of the drivers on the starting grid. If the beginning was rather quiet, the Joyca accident Apart from that, the engines roared to life during the test for the top positions. At the end of this phase, Depielo, Sylvain and Etienne took the lead of the race. The fight for the first place started in the first seconds and Sylvain quickly took the pole position.

Depielo and Sylvain were followed by Etienne for a while, but eventually they got away. Every corner was a new attempt to overtake. Depielo managed to regain the lead, before losing his number 1 position due to Sylvain's incredible achievement.

This risky attempt paid off. After having regained the lead, Sylvain held on until the end of the fifteenth lap. In front of more than1 million simultaneous viewers, new French recordWith 40,000 people in the stands, the Vilebrequin youtuber won.

After the race was over, Sylvain said that "It was hot until the last lap, especially as I had someone behind me who was very angry". . He then did not fail to find his sidekick, Pierrewho fell in battle after an accident with Xari, to savour this moment of happiness.

The winner's trophy was presented live by the comedian Jamel DeBbouzeThe victory was then washed down with champagne, as is the tradition in motorsport. The victory was then washed down with champagne, as is the tradition in motor sport. All the participants were invited to the podium, and all thanked Squeezie for this exceptional adventure.

Final ranking of the Explorer Grand Prix

The podium

  • First : Sylvain from the Nord VPN Vilebrequin stable.
  • Second : Depielo of the Oscaro team, with +0.248s.
  • Third : Etienne_Moustache from the World of Tanks stable, with +5.100s.

Results of other participants

  • 4th: Lebouseuh, from the PUBG Mobile team, with +23.079s.
  • 5th: Squeezie of the MWII Racing Team, with +26.329s.
  • 6th: Valouzz from the Oscaro stable, with +46.280s.
  • 7th: Djilsi of the Alpine team, +1 lap.
  • 8th: Manon from the Alpine team, +1 lap.
  • 9th: Bibi from the Black Adam stable, +1 lap.
  • 10th: Dobby from the Fruitz stable, +1 lap.
  • 11th: Gotaga of the MWII Racing Team, +1 lap.
  • 12th: Theobabac from the Rhinoshield stable, +1 lap.
  • 13th: Kaatsup from the PUBG Mobile team, +1 lap.
  • 14th: Amixem from the World of Tanks stable, +1 round.
  • 15th: Seb from the Igraal stable, +1 lap.
  • 16th: Domingo of the CUPRA Team PAX, +1 lap.
  • 17th: Prime de l'écurie Black Adam, +2 laps.
  • 18th : Sofyan from Igraal, +2 laps.
  • 19th: Deujna from the Fruitz stable, +2 laps.
  • 20th: Joyca from the Rhinoshield team, +2 laps.
  • 21st: Xari of the CUPRA Team PAX, +4 laps.
  • 22nd: Pierre from the Nord VPN Vilebrequin team, +4 laps.