Stream Raiders, the Twitch game for streamers and viewers

You may be familiar with Twitch Plays Pokémon and other similar channels, inviting viewers to play together live to complete a game. In Stream RaidersThe viewers are indeed part of the game, but the way they work is completely different. Here, they team up with the streamer to take down evil creatures. Find out more in this article.

What are Stream Raiders?

Developed by the studio Captain.TVStream Raiders has been designed primarily as a 'pastime' between two activities, or as a 'sideline' during a live session. Content creators can launch Stream Raiders alongside their main content, or play a few games before moving on to the rest.

When he takes off on Stream Raiders, he becomes Captain and takes the helm ofa veritable small armyprovided there are enough spectators. The leader and his henchmen must team up to defeat hordes of opponents of all kinds. And to take on the diabolical robots, ice giants and armoured goblins, you'll need a bit of discipline and strategy!

The Captain selects a campaignThe game consists of levels of varying difficulty, culminating in a fearsome boss. During a game, the streamer places his hero on the map and then prepares the action plan. Thanks to the game's management tools, they can offer viewers locations for their units and explain their strategy for going on the offensive.

The Captain selects a campaign
Unlock different characters in Stream Raiders

Everyone can choose from a multitude of different units - Note that you have to unlock them - some very classic, like archers, paladins or thieves, but also others that are stranger and more fun, like a blob, bomber or warbeast. The idea is for the army to include enough units of different classes to stand up to the creatures coming at it.

In the event of victory, the Captain receives a chest containing several awardsSome of these are his own, while others are offered to participants. Thanks to the battle rankings, you can choose to reward the most valiant warriors or leave it to chance! What's more, he can share some of the gold acquired with viewers, so that they can develop their character and become stronger for future battles.

Example of the archer - Stream Raiders

And to spice things up, content creators can battle it out in epic battleswith their respective communities at their side. It's sure to create some great moments on Twitch!

How can I join an army?

Several French streamers have already joined the battlefields, including Domingo, LyeGaia, Kenny and Xari, with his army known as the Xarmi. You can now join the ranks of an army to help your favourite content creator.

It couldn't be simpler. When the streamer is live on Stream Raiders, and a fight is about to start, a link appears at the top of the screenIt takes the following form "".

All you have to do is enter this link in your browser to access the menu. It is also possible to choose from among the active streamers, from the dedicated menu. Then click on the "Place Unit to join the battle. Select a unit that will be useful in battle and place it on the map. During the "pre-combat" period, you can place a unit every 5 minutes, if you have any available and there's space left.

You can join an army on Stream Raiders using the Streamer link.

Once you've kicked off, there's nothing left to do, the game is fully automated. Finally, you can always spam the chat to support your Captain - it won't make any difference to the outcome of the battle - and keep your fingers crossed that you emerge victorious from this virtual war!