SpeeDons 3 raises over €1 million for Médecins du Monde

After four intensive days, SpeeDons 3 collected more than one million euros for the benefit of Médecins du Monde. With a planning the event, co-organised by MisterMV and the association, set the Twitch-game alight.

A unique marathon

The famous event that promotes French speedrun was held from 9 to 12 March to Palais des Congrès in Paris. As a reminder, in the space of a few days, players take turns completing a maximum number of video games as quickly as possible; a real score, played and broadcast live on the chain of MisterMV. This year the profits raised were entirely donated to Médecins du Monde.

Unlike other big events on Twitch, SpeeDons particularly highlights the performance players, particularly renowned in their field. Through hard training, each of them eventually masters all the subtleties of their favourite game, with the aim of breaking world records. Each attempt, called a run" is carried out in the form of a challenge, the most common being the any%The goal is to reach the end of the game, no matter what means are used.


As in any self-respecting event, a technical problem is never far away. Despite the stream being cut off during its run, Qlex did not give up and repeated his performance on Tetris: The Grand Master 3 - Terror Instinct. With this second attempt, the player made history, becoming the 21st player in the world to win the title of Grand Master.

This was just one of the highlights of SpeeDons 3. From single-player games like Cuphead, to co-op games like It Takes Two, to the 4-way race on Pokémon Gold Heart and Silver Soul, players put on a show throughout the event. Thanks to their skill and their performance on stage, KEMIST (Elden Ring) and LinkOrange (Zelda 3: A Link To The Past) particularly impressed the audience.

At the same time, Nyo, tutankart and other artists were invited to showcase their talents by drawing emblematic characters from the games present. In addition to this creative effervescence, MisterMV surrounded itself with 14 web personalities to host the event. All in energy, the ambieners provided throughout the SpeeDons. Special mention to JarmOu who was omnipresent, no matter what time of day, to comment on the runs with panache or ambience, in an array of outfits ranging from cosplay to evening wear.

A record event

This ode to gaming from 79h The event ended in an electric atmosphere. Having extended the event by an extra day, SpeeDons was able to accommodate more players and put on an even more ambitious show than the previous year.

As generous as ever, the French showed themselves to be equal in giving 1 252 637 € to the association. After a record number of 802.166€ in 2022The amount raised has only increased with each edition. The proof of a growing interest for this niche discipline which always offers us a great show.

At the end of the evening, MisterMV announced the next edition of SpeeDons for 2024 and invited the public to leave the premises very quickly "or else they will be pelted with stones".